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Michigan downs Indiana on crazy buzzer-beater; Kameron Chatman is why March rules

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Who is Kameron Chatman?

For at least today, he's the most famous backup in America. With Michigan needing any spark off the bench they could get to upset top-seeded Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament, Chatman gave them that with a buzzer-beating three-pointer that may be the difference in Michigan making the NCAA Tournament...

Even if it wasn't exactly legal...

But again, who is Kameron Chatman?

To this point, he was nothing more than a reserve guard who averaged 2.8 points per game for the Wolverines. His season-high in points was 10 against Delaware State in March, almost half as many games in which he failed to score in (17).

But this is March, when the Kameron Chatmans of the world become legends and live in March Madness lore, at least until the next no-name reserve drills a buzzer-beater. This is why March is the greatest month of the year.

Oh, and this shot also could be huge for Kentucky. Based on the latest projections by Bracket Matrix, who rounds up every bracketology from around the net, Indiana is just barely edging UK for the final 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

So if Kentucky can win 2-3 games in the SEC Tournament, they may actually climb into the 3 seed line, despite entering the postseason with eight losses. The jump from the 4 to a 3 seed doesn't seem like much, but it's possibly the difference in avoiding teams like North Carolina, Virginia or Kansas in the Sweet 16 vs the Elite 8.