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John Calipari with an all-time Swaggy Cal line

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Swaggy Cal is back and just in time for March.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It case you needed a reminder of how much swagger John Calipari has, he just gave us a great reminder of it.

Cal got off to a great start during his Thursday meeting with the media before his Cats open SEC Tournament play. He didn't exactly sound like someone worried about such a thing.

"I forgot I was supposed to do this to be honest," Calipari said of his news conference. "I was coming here to work him out. I look and said, ‘What is this? You guys are all here."

Cal was then asked about Brad Calipari and the impact it would have on the UK coach staying in Lexington for at least as long as his son was here.

"According to my wife it has," Cal said.

That's when Cal broke out one of the all-time Swaggy Cal lines. It came when he admitted in a recent phone call with former Cat Karl-Anthony Towns’ parents that he may coach Brad differently.

"I can promise I will not be as hard on him as I was on your son because I sleep with that kid’s mom," Calipari said.

Cal still got it.