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Video DNA of a Football play: Pilot Episode: Zone runs

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason may be here, but this can be the best time for learning the ins and outs of Kentucky football.

As part of planning for the upcoming football season, I am working on a video series where different aspects of each week's game can be dissected and explained through a film review process. There are two pilot episodes at this point. One  where the focus is on UK's zone run game in the Tennessee game and another which had no focus at all.

I am working on the production to make it  more entertaining and less like a boring classroom lecture.  Please be free and honest with criticism about the content and the production. Interested to know which telestration model is more liked as well.

(Please note the episode with zone running duplicated three clips at the end. The audio in the second is horrible, but wanted to include here to get an idea if anyone likes that telestration model)