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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Tuesday Tweak Edition

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John Calipari is making another of his now-famous tweaks. Will this one be as successful as the last?

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, to the Tuesday Morning Quickies, and to the portentous month of March. This morning’s lead story is similar to the lead story in the ides of this very month back in 2014, when John Calipari instituted his famous "Tweak" that resulted in a run to the NCAA championship game, a game Kentucky ultimately lost.

Calipari has a new tweak, and like the old one, he says that those in the know would recognize it. If you’ll recall, we nailed it that year, and I have no doubt we’ll nail it again this year.

I must admit, now that the "tweak" has a history, the placebo effect of the thing might actually mean just as much as the efficacy of whatever it is he’s doing.  After the unlikely success of the 2014 team coming off a thumping at Florida (ironically just before the tweak, rather than the game of like this year), it has me a bit excited.

Tweet of the Morning

This is how you fan.

Your Quickies:

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College basketball
  • The state of Kentucky could be on one of it’s more historic lows for college basketball in March. UK may be the only team in the NCAA Tournament, the first time the state has had only one representative in the Big Dance in 25 years.

  • Vanderbilt fined $100k for storming the court at Kentucky. Seriously, if we are ever going to stop this, we need to add game consequences to the fine. Schools can afford to pay these fines, so I proposed the other day:

    • First violation — a technical foul on the offending team to begin the next home game to be charged to the team’s head coach, as well as the fine;
    • Second violation — Offending team forfeits entire gate to their opponent as well as the fine;
    • Third violation — Team forfeits next home game outright, pays visitor 3-year average of revenue normally entitled to them (in addition to the fine).

    That ought to get somebody’s attention. And why should rushing the floor be stopped? One of many examples:

    Earlier this season, Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register broke his leg after being knocked over when fans rushed the court in Ames following Iowa State’s 83-82 home win over rival Iowa.

  • John Gasaway’s Tuesday Truths

  • From a reader:

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Other news
  • Eight upcoming sci-fi/fantasy novels to read this year. Just to add to this list, there are rumors that David Weber’s highly-anticipated next installment of the Honor Harrington series is also on the docket for late 2016, but there’s been no official announcement yet.

    But sticking to the list, wow, Ben Bova. Love his work. I’ll have to pick that one up.

  • Do black holes distort time? I can’t see how they wouldn’t, considering that time and space are inescapably intertwined. The theory is that near the event horizon of a black hole, externally observed time comes to a stop in the sense that an object will never be observed to reach the event horizon. On the other hand, what actually happens in the object’s frame of reference is … disputed.

  • Is supersonic passenger travel making a comeback?