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Tai Wynyard may play vs Georgia; Watch him on This is Kentucky Basketball

Tai Wynyard was on This is Kentucky Basketball, and he may make his debut vs Georgia based on what John Calipari said.

Could this be the night we finally see Tai Wynyard in action?

That's been a routine question ever since Wynyard arrived on campus in December. A 6-10 power forward out of New Zealand, Wynyard arrived in Lexington just two months ago after reclassifying into the 2015 class as a mid-season addition.

But in a possible 13 games Wynyard could have played in, he has yet to log a single minute of action as UK keeps the option of a redshirt on the table. That said, John Calipari made it clear when Wynyard got to campus that he thought the big man could play immediately.

So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Calipari made is sound like Wynyard could play vs Georgia during Cal's weekly radio show Monday night. It wouldn't just be for the heck of playing Wynyard though, but more because he's a big body that may be needed if Alex Poythress can't go.

"That's exactly what has happened for Isaac, and it might be an opportunity for Tai now, to get his first chance to get on the court," Calipari said.

This also comes just days after Wynyard appeared as guest host on This is Kentucky Basketball, which you can watch here:

"I'm just getting better, trying to work out as much as I can and get my fitness up to standards," Wynyard said. "It's been a struggle coming in for two months and not having all the training that everyone else has had from their past. Right now, I'm just playing catch-up and trying to get better.

Wynyard admitted that just getting his conditioning up to college basketball standards has been one of the big things he's worked on to this point.

"I'm feeling a lot better. I can actually run now and stuff. KP (Kenny Payne) has got me on that treadmill and stuff like that, so I'm feeling better about that."

If Wynyard does not play this season, he will then have four seasons of eligibility and be classified as a redshirt freshman for the 2016-17 season.