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Wildcats Quickies: Super Bowl 50 is Peyton's Place Edition

The Broncos win Super Bowl 50 and Peyton Manning likely ends a hall of fame career. Marshawn Lynch is literally hanging up his cleats. Derrick Ansley is heading south. Kentucky Football gets a HUGE transfer, and more quickies to kick off the week.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I know that the Denver defense is the real MVP of the game and they were all year, but chances are Manning is going to be walking away from the game.  Peyton Manning is a surefire Hall of Famer and one of the best (if not the best) QB to play the game.

There have been 200 quarters played in the Super Bowl, and that was Manning's NFL record 200th win.  He will be walking away with two Super Bowl rings and some absurd stats.

He is also a 5-time NFL MVP, the most in history, he truly has nothing left to prove and he has been a true professional while doing it all.

Kudos to you Peyton.

TWEETS OF THE NIGHT (fair warning, lots of them)


  • Kentucky Football Alumni now has a very very recent Super Bowl Champion in Danny Trevathan.  Trevathan was a nobody 2-star in high school who came to UK and become one of the best linebackers in the best conference in America.  He went to the Broncos and immediately earned playing time and a starting spot.  Now he has a Super Bowl Ring in a game where he recovered two fumbles and made a team high 8 tackles.
  • Kentucky Defensive Backs coach and newly anointed Co-Defensive Coordinator was saved once from another team, but when Nick Saban comes calling, there is not a whole lot UK can do.  Derrick Ansley is apparently leaving UK to take a position on Nick Saban's staff at Alabama.  Some early rumblings as to who Stoops may look to replace him is legendary safety Ed Reed, apparently Drake Jackson likes it.
  • Continuing the UK Football avalanche, once again Mark Stoops released a local Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming year and I think it was a homerun.  Each year has been hype for the future, build something special, etc.  However, Stoops knows the foundation has been built and now it is time to FINISH.  Many players and former players were tweeting the hashtag and the video was simple, yet powerful.

  • Here is a link to the postgame press conference with Coach Calipari. The two questions I was able to ask him were #1; Did Isaac Humphries earn future playing time to which he answered Absolutely.  My second question was about Cal taking the air out of the ball and if he thought it was something that this team just could not do.  For a lot of UK fans, this drives them crazy and they feel it costs us games (I am in that camp), but based off his answer, it is never going to change.  Basically he feels if he gets up 20, unless his team screws it up, the should win.


  • What did the food and drink cost at Super Bowl 50?  Quite a bit to no surprise of anyone, $13 for a beer, $15 for popcorn, $7 for peanuts, $11 Jumbo Hot Dog, and a $10 slice of pizza.
  • There were a few absurd shots this weekend ranging from local (Male) to national (Pacers).

  • Peyton Manning twice said he was going to go drink a lot of Budweiser after the game, of course Twitter immediately jumped to Manning being paid by Budweiser to do it.  Apparently, he was not paid to do that.

  • I am really really tired of the Jordan crying meme, it is played out and needs to flame out.  Having said that, this was fantastic.

  • So, which commercials did you like or dislike?  For me, the funnies was the Doritos ultrasound commercial.  The absolute worst one, and maybe worst of all-time, was the Mountain Dew Monkey/Puppy/Baby one, yikes.  Honorable mention good ones to the Prius commercial and the T-Mobile Steve Harvey commercial.
  • If you are so inclined, here is a website to re-watch any/all of the Super Bowl commercials.