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Kentucky Basketball and Football Uniform Changes Revealed; New Wildcat logo too

The Kentucky Wildcats unveiled new football and basketball uniforms on Friday.

At first, it seemed as though when the announcement was made that UK was getting new uniforms, they would be some minor alterations that, more or less, were being made to incorporate UK's new logo.

As it turned out, UK was making a bigger change than anticipated, and they turned what was supposed to be an unveiling into a fashion show with light shows and a DJ to boot.

A.D. Mitch Barnhart said these uniforms have been in the work for two years by Nike, and Keith Crawford of Nike was on hand to unveil the new unis that he said Nike has been working on for about two years. Crawford said Nike was aiming to respect the past, represent the future."

The football team got new home blue and grey uniforms in addition to a new road attire while the basketball team got new road uniforms that will be debuted next weekend at South Carolina.

Here's a look at UK linebacker Courtney Love in the new uniform:

Jojo Kemp showed off the new white road uniforms:

C.J. Conrad showed off a new alternate grey attire:

Here's the new unis being revealed to the football team:

And Alex Poythress showed off the new one-time road blue uniforms, which will be debuted next weekend:

And here's a look at the new UK logo, as well as a new secondary Wildcat logo:

The new logo will be on the hip of UK's new football unis:

And for basketball, the new logo will be on their shooting shirts:

And one more alteration made features uniforms in all sports now having an element of blue collar to emphasize the work ethic of the people of Kentucky:

We'll post more photos as they become available.

What are your thoughts on the new swag?