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Wildcats Quickies: The Beat Goes On Edition

The 'Cats keep rolling, Jason Hatcher has been dismissed and more quickies for your hump day.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky kept the train rolling last night by handling the Tide and rolling them right out of Rupp by 25 points.  Kentucky was lead in scoring by Jamal Murry scoring 23 (his 7th straight 20+ game) and by Tyler Ulis and his double double (4th in last 6 games) of 19 points and 10 assists.

The 'Cats also saw Alex Poythress return to action in a much needed form.  Alex scored 14 points and looked comfortable while doing it.  He is a key to any kind of run that the 'Cats may want to make.  Without his presence and Willis being the 'Starting Lineup' Willis, we are a sweet 16 team at best.

One of the things I touched on in the post game takeaways was Calipari's defensive coaching abilities.  UK held Alabama to under 42% from the field, this is the 12th straight SEC team that has been held under that mark.  The last time that happened was wayyyyy back in 1951.



  • In Case you were asleep all day yesterday and just woke up and immediately came to our site and read this post... Jason Hatcher was dismissed from the UK Football team.  Hatcher has been in trouble with the staff on multiple occasions and he was arrested for drug TRAFFICKING yesterday morning.  The charge is very serious and could result in prison time for Hatcher.  He was dismissed within hours of the announcement and leaves a gaping hole at outside linebacker going into the spring.  I encourage you to read Will Marshall's article on the implications of losing Hatcher.  Spoiler alert, it is not going to be near as bad as you may think.

  • I chatted with ESPN Radio Lexington's The Sports Huddle during my normal Tuesday appearance.  We chatted about a variety of topics including Jason Hatcher, Skal, Tyler Ulis, Isaac Humphries and such.


  • The Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista is seeking a 5-year 150 Million Dollar deal. It is an absurd ask, and I am sure someone will give him the contract, because MLB GM's are the dumbest financial people in the history of finance. One thing Joey Bats is best known outside of baseball people for is the infamous bat flip during the playoffs on a walk-off homerun.

  • Continuing on the combine theme, during the interview process, teams are known to try and shock the player with a question to test their response.  Here are some questions that Austen Lane was asked.
  • Much like Chad Ford likes to go back and edit his draft projections after the draft has happened... what would NFL teams have changed about their 2015 draft picks.  It is pretty cool to see the potential changes and think how they would effect those teams.
  • There were at least two pretty awesome buzzer beaters last night:


  • If you are a fan of 'The Biggest Loser', you likely saw the season finale monday night.  You know about Colby taking $50,000 in exchange for a 3 pound disadvantage at the final weigh-in.  He was not even close to winning the grand prize so it was a savvy move on his part.  He discusses why he did it in this article.
  • Ok, so I saw an article discussing what the best breakfast biscuit is. I have a rotation of 5 that I will go to when I like to treat myself on weekends to them.
  1. Bojangles Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit
  2. Hardees Chicken Biscuit
  3. Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit
  4. Dunkin Donuts Chicken Bacon Swiss Croissant
  5. Burger King Chicken Croissant

  • I posted in the Monday Quickies the 'just suck it up Lebron' lady... well, it turns out that she is actually worth a solid 2.4 Billion Dollars.  She is actually Judy Love, of the 'Loves Travel Stops' gas stations/convenience stores.  I would probably come at LeBron also if I was worth that much.
  • This girl has a disease which causes one of her legs to be much larger than the other and she has been bullied for it since she was 15.  People are just awful, we are due for a plague, I am guessing a lot of her being bullied is because she is actually very attractive and people do not like that.