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Wildcats Quickies: Core Values? Edition

The University of Louisville is at-best a caricature at this point, the 'Cats cannot shake injuries, UK softball and baseball are rolling, and more quickies to kick off your week.


One of the seemingly bright spots of the Louisville Athletics program was Charlie Strong, he seemed out of place on Floyd Street because he had not had a sex scandal, or hired prostitutes, or put his extra marital affair partner on the payroll.

Well, apparently he may have fit in, according to reports of him being asked to testify in court regarding a somewhat high profile divorce case.  UL trustee and significant donor Jonathan Blue, is having his attorneys collect all of Strong and his wife's phone exchanges, and for Strong to return gifts she had given him, including a Movado watch.

Feel free to read the details here, but it is pretty clear what is being said.  If you want to put this into a UK context, imagine if Mark Stoops was having an affair with Joe Craft's wife, that is the level this situation is on.

The point I want to make is not about Strong's potential missteps, but this is yet ANOTHER cog in the wheel of the University of Sleaze that is going on within the Louisville Athletic Department.  The amazing part of all of the mess going on at UL:

  • Pitino with Sypher
  • Hookers in the dorm
  • President Ramsey's laundry list of missteps
  • Charlie Strong and a significant donor/trustee's wife
  • The Sexual Assault cases
With all of the current filth going on, it is actually Bobby Petrino who is sitting back watching it all crumble down around him.  Petrino is probably the worst person of them all and we all know about his skeletons, but it is kinda funny that he is in the middle of all this and not involved.

The real question in all of this is when does a group of people stand up and say enough is enough.  When do those with the ability to fight, stand up and demand a FULL-ON house cleaning, from bottom to top.  Turn the house upside down, shake it all out, and start fresh.

I would say do not hold your breathe.



  • ANTHONY FRIGGIN DAVIS!!! How about our guy going berzerk last night to the tune of 59 points and 20 rebounds.  He set a franchise record with his points, the previous record was 50 points by UK's Jamal Mashburn.  Only he and Shaquille O'Neal can say they had 55 points and 20 rebounds in one game in the last 40 years.

  • Mark Stoops continues his raiding of the Cincinnati Bearcat staff by hiring Steve Clinkscale to replace Derrick Ansley as the new Defensive Backs coach.  Clinkscale was tabbed as the co-defensive coordinator for the Bearcats so he was certainly a key piece of their staff.  This means that including Stoops, 4 of the 5 defensive coaches have Defensive Coordinator experience.  He is a Youngstown guy and actually Vince Marrow's cousin so he will fit in nicely with the UK Staff.
  • The UK Hoops team beat Arkansas 77-63 but they lost their Senior leader in Janee Thompson to an ankle injury.  The Lady Cats have now won 4 in a row as they surge toward the post season.
  • The Wildcat Baseball guys unloaded on Dayton yesterday on get-away day.  They roped 20 hits and SEVEN Homeruns to beat Dayton 15-2, bringing to 'Cats to 2-1 on the season.

  • The Wildcat Lady Softballers had a big weekend as well, they closed out their west coast trip with a doubleheader sweep on the back of some outstanding pitching.  Meagan Prince tossed a no-hitter in a 10-0 win over South Dakota.  Kelsey Nunley nearly upstaged Prince as she took a perfect game into the final inning with one out.  She lost the perfect game/no hitter but held on for the 10-0 shutout.  The next time they take the field, the Lady 'Cats they will be on a 20-0 with 1-hit in two games given up roll.

  • Kentucky's likely next great lineman is now a state champion wrestler as well as one of the nation's elite prospects.  Landon Young won a state championship recently and tweeted this great picture.

  • Derek Willis will not be playing tomorrow, or likely Saturday in Nashville.  He posted a picture of his ankle and it is ugly.  However, one thing to remember is that ankle sprains are tricky.  A severe ankle sprain is always better than a high ankle sprain (like Dominique Hawkins had).  If you are old enough to remember the 1998 season vivdly (I am sad just typing that), you remember Jeff Sheppard suffering a terrible sprain, but coming back 6 days later to play.  I think you will see Derek out this week absolutely, but would not be surprise to see  him finish out the regular season.

  • UK's former Noseguard and fan favorite Melvin Lewis is back on the field and training hard for a hopeful spot in the draft or a free agent signing.


  • The NASCAR equivalent of the Super Bowl happened yesterday with the Daytona 500.  Denny Hamlin pulled out the victory over Martin Truex Jr. in what has been tabbed as the closest finish in Daytona 500 history.

  • Generally, when an athlete gets to 40 years old, they have likely been hanging on for way too long and should have stopped years ago.  However, some guys defy the laws of nature and perform into and past 40.  Here is a list of 40 over 40 that performed well past their "prime."
  • Barry Bonds is back in baseball, he has been hired as the Miami Marlins hitting coach.  When asked about his spot in the hall of fame, he said that "God knows I am a Hall of Famer."  I am assuming God does not know what PEDs are?

  • The 'floor slapping' that tends to happen because of the Duke players back in the day is an antiquated action that does nothing.  Up until recently it was annoying but harmless.  Can you imagine being the player that slaps the floor and because he was too busy doing it, gets beat badly off the dribble, LOL.

  • if you are a Tennessee Vols fan, you are very happy about the ongoing corruption, sleaze, and general debauchery going on at the University of Louisville.  The reason is because there is a scary amount of bad stuff going down under Butch Jones watch at UT.  In any other year, it would likely be a top story, here is a great article describing the culture problem.


  • Pro Wrestler John Cena was down in the mix at the Daytona 500, one of the TV correspondents was running around pointing out interesting surroundings.  She not only blew past one of the most popular people on the planet, she whipped around and hit him with her ponytail, lol.
  • Sometimes sports moments capture the best and sometimes oddest pictures.  This basketball picture is as odd and funny of one as I have seen.  It is almost like he is levitating and just chilling out while watching the game.

  • The Rob Gronkoswki party cruise is a level of debauchery that even Katina Powell would likely shy away from.  He is even going as far as offering party goers to engage in 'relations' publicly for money on the cruise.  Like the Sporting News article states, can you imagine if Cam Newton was doing this? (fair warning the video in the SN article is quite NSFW language wise)

  • 'The Princess Bride' is a timeless classic, those that have seen it have seen it numerous times and can likely recite most of it.  Here is a quiz to test your knowledge.

  • With all that has went on at the University of Louisville over the years that is cringe worthy and embarrassing, I thought it might be time to make a nice little one stop collage to remember the nefarius characters and questionable behavior.  Keep in mind, none of these are photoshopped, commented on, or opinion.  These are simply a collage of pictures that UL did to themselves.