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Jim Ross calling Jamal Murray dunk on South Carolina is awesome


Jamal Murray threw down one of the best dunks of this season during Saturday's win at South Carolina.

We already knew Murray was athletic and strong enough to hammer down a highlight-reel dunk, and while we've seen him do it a few times during his freshman season, we haven't seen one quite as good as the one he slammed over Gamecocks guard Justin McKie:

We'll be seeing that again when the best college basketball dunks of 2015-16 are revealed. Hopefully, we'll get to see the version that the cn2 crew just made that has former WWE Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Ross calling the action:

Yeah, that was pretty sweet. Hopefully, we'll get to see one more of these from Murray before his likely one season at Kentucky ends. The good news is we may see him in some NBA dunk competitions with these kind of slams.