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Wildcats Quickies: Tyler Ulis is a Demigod Edition

Ulis is just so damn good, Big KAT wins the NBA skills competition while UK was well represented all weekend, Basketball is now the focal point with Football over, and more quickies for your Monday.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

  • There is going to come a day when Tyler Ulis is not leading our Wildcats on the floor.  That day could very well be coming soon, or it could be as long away as September 2019.  While the chances of the latter are about the same as me being the coach to follow John Calipari at UK, a man can dream.

Tyler Ulis has been absolutely outstanding this season, ever since he got over his arm injury he has been nothing short of a player of the year discussion candidate.  Once Emmanuel Mudiay spurned the 'Cats for SMU/China, Tyler Ulis came into the fold and the sentiment among many was that Cal was signing a 4-year point guard to back up the John Walls of the world that Cal would be bringing in.

After some research on Ulis I fell in love with this kid, I had no doubt that not only would he be a great player, but that he would be special for UK.  I not so humbly brag about writing this piece (before he even set foot on campus) on why the Big Blue Nation would LOVE Tyler Ulis and how he would be special.

Ulis is not only flourishing as a sophomore, he is likely headed to an NBA roster next fall and everyone in America is starting to take notice.  Even the biggest troll not named Goodman on the planet is coming around.

Ulis' season has somehow only topped each performance with every passing game, he had 27 points and 12 assists to go with only ONE turnover in the South Carolina pasting.  So here are some of the records and mind-boggling stats that the 'Point God' has been producing:

Former UK great Cameron Mills also weighed in on Ulis' ridiculous assist to turnover ratio in a post on his website:

coaches ask for a 3:1 assist/TO ratio from their PG's, though few ever get it.
For example let's look at some Assist/TO ratio's of some other great Kentucky PG's.

Anthony Epps - 2.8/1
Kyle Macy - 2.4/1
Travis Ford - 1.7/1
Marquis Teague - 1.7/1
Ryan Harrow 1.7/1
Andrew Harrison - 1.7/1
Wayne Turner - 1.6/1
John Wall - 1.6/1
Brandon Knight - 1.2/1

Currently Tyler Ulis' A/TO ratio for this season is 3.5/1 and more amazingly, if you look at the list above, his career ratio is 3.45/1.

And In his last four games Tyler Ulis has 36 assists to just four turnovers.
That's a laughable 9/1 ratio.
That's truly ridiculous and I would have thought unattainable for more than one game let alone four.

There has been a lot of talk about where Tyler ranks in greatest PG's in Kentucky's history. Well, judging from this singular stat alone he's not only the best, it's not even close.





  • Band of Brothers, that is the best way to describe the 'Cats that are no longer in Lexington and off turning heads all over the world.  This was All-Star weekend and there were plenty of Kentucky players to go around.  Karl-Anthony Towns, DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, Devin Booker, and Anthony Davis participated in one way or another.  The player hung out and sat together and supported each other as if they were still teammates.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns took down Isaiah Thomas in dramatic fashion to win the Skills Challenge and was immediately mobbed by Cousins and Anthony Davis. The group also posed for this picture that is computer desktop worthy.


  • Fair Warning, if you get emotional easily you may want to carve out 10 minutes in private to watch this video.  Sportscenter put together a featured segment on John Wall and his relationship with 6-year old Miyah who passed away from Cancer in December of 2014.  Wall made such an impact on her and she made an even greater impact on anyone she touched.  It is a true honor for us members of BBN to have watched Wall in Lexington.

  • is widely considered one of the most accurate predictors of team rankings in College Basketball.  After Saturday the 'Cats are in the top 10 of KenPom rankings and getting dangerously close to the magical combination of offensive and defensive efficiency rating that every Champion the last 10+ years has held.


  • Zach Levine may have taken the actual crown as the best dunker at this year's NBA dunk contest, but Aaron Gordon won the night.  Check out his performance here and then pick up your jaw.

  • College Spun has put together a very early prediction of wins for each Major College Football team for this coming season.  So where do our Wildcats fit into that?  They are saying we will win 6 games and finish 4th in the East ahead of Vandy, Missouri, and South Carolina.  In case you were curious, they have UL with 8 wins.


  • THE WALKING DEAD HAS RETURNED!!!  I will not spoil it in case you had to DVR it but good god almighty what a friggin episode I think I am permanently damaged!!!

  • It is about to be a good time for Television again, you have The Walking Dead back, you have Better Call Saul back tonight, Game of Thrones in a few months, etc.