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Dan Dakich calls Tyler Ulis a top-5 point guard

Hell hath frozen over.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

There's been quite a stir around Big Blue Nation recently thanks to one Dan Dakich.

The Bowling Green head coach and current ESPN commentator caught the ire of Kentucky fans when he said Tyler Ulis was not a top-five point guard in college basketball. While there are some talented floor generals in college, I'm not taking Oakland's Key Felder, Indiana's Yogi Ferrell or Maryland's Melo Trimble over him.

But those are three guys (along with Providence's Kris Dunn and Michigan State's Denzel Valentine) are who Dakich said he'd rather have over Ulis, and even during Ulis' recent surge, Dakich still maintained the Wildcat wasn't a top-five point guard, which truly was odd to say the least.

As silly as this seemed, it even caused a stir even among Kentucky media and let to the kind of spectacle you'd expect to see middle schoolers making about who's a top-five WWE wrestler.

That is, until now:

You can only deny Ulis' greatness for so long, and it really does speak to how well he's been playing that even the trolliest of trolls is finally admitting to his failure in ever thinking otherwise.