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Conspiracy theories and Caption Contest: John Calipari going nuts on Doug Sirmons

What in the world led to Calipari nearly eating Doug Sirmons' face Walking Dead style?

Despite Kentucky throttling South Carolina on Saturday, there's a still a bit of a mystery surrounding the game.

In a game where the Cats left no question they're the team to beat in the SEC and a force to be reckoned with in college basketball, everyone still wants to know what the heck was up with John Calipari.

It's rare enough to see a coach get tossed out of a game, let alone within the first three minutes. I'm not sure what the record is for quickest in-game ejection, but Cal has to be right up there.

But what was the method to Cal's madness?

One conspiracy theory is Cal wants to see Payne get a head-coaching job this offseason, and he took a page out of mentor Larry Brown's book to get Payne a chance to be the head man for an entire game. Seeing UK dominate a top-25 team on the road under Payne's guidance certainly doesn't hurt, and this came only help, if only by the slightest of margins, get a head-coaching job this offseason.

Another theory is Cal wanted to see what his team was really made of. A team full of young Cats seeing their head coach lost against a top-25 team on the road can be a shocking sight, and it may have been one that caused this team to fold in the face of adversity. But instead, they thrived in it and took a big step forward towards becoming a championship contender.

Whatever 'really' happened, we decided to make this into a game. We want you to let us know your best conspiracy theory, as well as what exactly Cal was yelling to get ejected, or even what he said as seemingly the whole team had to hold him back.

Tweet, email or Facebook us your best theories and/or captions we'll post the best responses as long as they're appropriate.