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Marcus Lee converts Tyler Ulis midcourt lob into slam; Does one off the backboard too

Marcus Lee and Tyler Ulis had their down dunk competition on South Carolina.

No one play may have summed up the Kentucky Wildcats' domination of South Carolina better than this sequence.

It began with the Gamecocks nearly forcing a steal at midcourt as the shot clock was winding down, but Tyler Ulis managed to recover the ball and fire a bomb to Marcus Lee, who skied for the catch and hammered  it down on Mindaugas Kacinas (say that 5 times fast).

But that came after a filthy backboard lob from Ulis to Lee as they were just showing off at this point:

Which simply led to Frank Martin giving the "it's been that kind of day" look on the bench (but still managed to get aq scream in).

In all, this has been a great game for Kentucky, despite most of it coming without the services of their head coach on the sideline.