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John Calipari ejected from Kentucky Wildcats' game vs South Carolina

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari did not wake up in a good mood Saturday based on how long it took to have his first blow up during the Cats' big showdown with South Carolina.

In fact, it took all of three minutes before Cal was tossed from the game after getting two early technical fouls. Calipari has now been ejected from Colonial Life Arena twice in the past three seasons after being ejected during the 2013-14 campaign as well.

Doug Sirmons issued both technicals, and after the first tech, Cal was furious and marched out to midcourt to scream at Sirmons and let him know his thoughts. Cal appeared to be upset about the lack of a foul on Michael Carrera on an offensive rebound and putback that was UCS's first score of the game.

And it's not as though Cal and Sirmons have a history or this.

The good news is the Gamecocks would miss three of the four ensuing technical free throws, but the bad news is he'll have to sit back and watch the game from the locker room.