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Kentucky Wildcats debut new basketball uniform vs South Carolina

What do you think of UK's new basketball attire?

The Cats will have some new road attire when they take on South Carolina today.

As part of UK's new uniforms and logos unveiled last week, the basketball team got a new road outfit that would be used one time. They picked a big game for it's single use as the Cats and Gamecocks clash today with first-place in the SEC on the line.

We'll post more photos of the new outfits prior to game time. The Cats are also using new shooting shirts that have the new alternate Wildcat logo on them, which was debuted last week.

UK Athletics director Mitch Barnhart said of the new uniforms that it has been an 18-month process working with Nike and the student athletes to get the look right.

"They're the best in the world at marketing and they tried to some find things that are a little bit timeless," he said. "They're going to give us the chance to work into the future for a good bit. It's been a long process and we really appreciate their efforts."

What do you think of the new basketball outfits?