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Wildcats Quickies: Bulldog Beatdown Edition

It was a battle of 'Cats and Dogs last night, Alex Poythress has a knee procedure, Katina Powell speaks, and more quickies for your mid-week.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Our Wildcats took to the floor without Alex Poythress once again in hopes to keep on track and improving for March.  The Wildcats obliged by dominating the Bulldogs all night and ended up winning by 34 on the back of Jamal Murray's 24 points.

Murray has stroked the ball from three the last two games and may be turning into a Jodie Meeks-eque scorer for this team.  Derek Willis continued his strong play with 14 points and 6 rebounds, and Tyler Ulis with is seemingly average day at the office of 14 points, 8 assists, 3 steals.

In somewhat surprising fashion, we saw Skal Labissiere get 6 points and 7 rebounds and Charles Matthews get 7 points and 5 rebounds.  The 'Cats played like a team that could make a run and continue a string of strong games (Sans a Knoxville trip) to finish out this regular season.




  • Kentucky's Baseball team is going to be blessed with arms this spring.  They return their entire weekend rotation (top 3 pitchers that will be starting conference weekend series games) they have Sophomore Zach Logue a year older and better for an embarrassment of riches.  Read about him here from UK Athletics.

  • "Dancing Guy" in Rupp Arena picked up a young girl and tried to be a little too smooth, ended up falling down the stairs with her.

  • Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones was able to secure an interview with Louisville Prostitute scandal madame Katina Powell.  He had to hold the interview at an undisclosed location due to security concerns and kudos to him for a solid interview.  He even pressed Powell about her daughters being part of it and asked her if she felt bad on multiple occasions.  There were some quite entertaining things said... but I will leave that to you if you want to check it out here is the entire recap and link to the audio.  I will say, the most intriguing part to me is that she estimated 7-8 of the 2013 National Championship team's players were regulars.

  • Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are trying a Calipari-esque event by having the team travel to Florida for Spring Break and have a few practices at IMG Academy.  The SEC is trying to put a stop to it on the basis of time constraints for spring practices.
  • Everybody is up in arms over Cam Newton leaving the press conference early.  I am not near as down on him as he was very professional right after the game, congratulated Peyton with a big smile.  He was also about 5 feet away from the Denver Broncos also conducting their post game player quotes and I can only imagine he was tired of hearing it. He came out and admitted to being a sore losertoday, which is not the best reaction to give the media, but it is an honest one.  He also had this to say:
Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser and I'm going to show you a loser.

The funny thing is he has taken some more flak for saying it, but it is not his quote, it is Vince Lombadi's.

  • Six women have filed a lawsuit against the University of Tennessee for failure to properly investigate their claims.  With the Baylor scandal going on this is not a good look for UT.  They are claiming five different UT athletes, 4 former players and one current football player were involved.


  • Kim Kardashian's best friend is starting a school for the affluent... it will teach the priviliged about types of caviar, the quality of diamonds, and other need to knows in this world (ROLLEYES).  Can you imagine the entitlement and staunch elitism in that school, wow.

  • The Walking Dead starts back this Sunday, which is pretty much all I need for my Valentine's Day

  • I have seen the first two episodes of 'The People vs. O.J. Simpson' and I am impressed so far.  They have apparently stayed very true to the actual events that took place leading up to the verdict.

  • If you are also looking forward to 'Fuller House' here is a new two minute trailer to give you a preview of the updated hijinks