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Wildcats Quickies: The Pro Bowl is a Joke Edition

The Pro Bowl needs to be fixed, Stop complaining about the refs, UK Hoops is struggling, and more quickies to start your week.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I am a big fan of the NFL, I am not a big fan of the Pro Bowl.  It has become an unwatched game of 2nd and 3rd tier NFL players that can boast about being a Pro Bowler (133 Pro Bowlers This Year, ha) no matter how undeserved.

We can start with the most obvious reason the Pro Bowl needs an ENTIRE overhaul, it is held one week before the Super Bowl. This means there is no representation from the two best teams in the league.  Nor any significant representation from the losing teams in the NFC and AFC Championship.

It is also more real life fantasy football as they have decided to let former legends pick and coach the teams via draft.  There are no kickoffs and defenses are limited in what they can do.  It is a caricature and needs to be overhauled

I think if they changed it to the "Pickup Football Weekend Bowl" it would be better.



  • OK folks, I get the frustration of the foul situation Saturday night. I 100% get being ticked off about it, but please stop blaming it on the refs, it sounds a lot like our little brother.  Anytime you play an away game in a hostile territory there is a good chance the home team is going to get a favorable whistle.  I know Kansas shot 47 free throws, and that is an absurd number.  But let us not forget about 8-10 of those were due to intentional fouling/technical foul.  We also shot 23 shots from beyond three, the one guy that did consistently drive (Briscoe) got to the line 12 times (only making 6).
  • Again, I will reiterate, I am not saying we got a fair whistle, we did not, Kansas certainly got the home team treatment.  However, you have to put yourself in positions to not allow referees to control the game like that and we did a poor job of that.  We stopped taking it to the rim, we kept trying to block shots, and we kept getting fouls called on us for the same things.  One of the best pieces of advice I got in my playing career in any sport was to realize that referees suck, in general, it is up to me to not allow them to play a role in my game.

  • From a skill-set standpoint, John Wall and Tyler Ulis could not be further apart, but from a production standpoint at UK, they are eerily similar.


  • National Signing Day is coming up on Wednesday and the 'Cats appear to not be expecting any bad surprises.  A Sea Of Blue will have extensive coverage leading up to and through NSD.


  • In WHAT THE WHAT news, Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions All-Pro Wide Receiver has apparently decided his football days are behind him.  He told his family and a circle of friends that this season would be his last one before the 2015 season started.  He even confided in Matthew Stafford during the season that this would be his last.  He has now made it known to the coaches and seems to be firm in his decision.  Megatron will be missed if this indeed holds true.  Enjoy some of his more memorable moments below.

  • Charles Woodson will be playing his final NFL game in the Pro Bowl and his cleats are special gold Jumpmancleats.  I love them and kudos for Woodson for going out in style.

  • Even the best players on the planet have brain farts.  LeBron James wore the wrong shorts for a short period of time in a game recently.
  • Hall of Famer, Legend, GOAT... call him what you will, and all three are applicable, but Vin Scully has announced he will be calling his final games this fall at the end of September.
  • We know that DeMarcus Cousins has been a monster this season, but he is flirting with having the highest usage rate of any big man in history.  Usage Rate is a stastical way of calculating how much of your production consists of the teams total production.  Not just points, but everything encompassed.
  • It is a good thing that Cam Newton was not very interested in possibly being a tight end for Steve Spurrier or Mark Richt.
  • Speaking of Cam, I really have no words for his choice of pants yesterday:

  • Johnny Manziel is in the news again, for his usual non-Football antics.  He is involved in a police probe over an alleged incident with his girfriend.  Yes, again... I am really tired of Manziel's antics and I think most people including the NFL are too.  However, with each step he takes, he gets closer to realizing his dream of being a Dallas Cowboy.


  • If you happen to be lucky enough to be going to the Super Bowl this year, or even if you just live in the general area or will be in the general area, forget privacy.  This year's Super Bowl Fifty has been deemed a SEAR 1 tier event, meaning the UTMOST security will be in place.  That particular rating is usually assigned to Presidential Inaugurations.  So, if you are gonna be in the area, there is a 100% chance you are going to be surveilled.
  • Facebook has decided to ban all private gun sales on their site, as well as on Instagram.  If you are not aware, there are a multitude of groups where people post pics of their guns and sell/trade with other people on Facebook.  It is done on a local level so people meet up for the sale, but Facebook has decided no more.  My first inclination was 'are you kidding me?'  Mainly because I have purchased a few weapons that way (I have a concealed carry permit though).  However, I understand them doing it, I am obviously pro-gun but I also want the process to deter nefarious people from circumventing background checks so I get it.