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John Calipari and players recap UCLA, preview Valparaiso

We all have our own methods of getting over a tough sports loss.

Saturday's loss to UCLA was one that needing some extra recovery for Kentucky and John Calipari, enough that no one was coming near Cal after the Bruins won in Rupp Arena.

Well, at least of the human variety.

“I’ll sit in my chair and tell everybody to leave me alone, watch a little TV. Watch one of my Alaska shows. Watch one of the war stories, get inspire,” Cal said of how he got over Saturday’s loss.” Have the dogs – I let the dogs come around me; no one else. The dogs can sit with me.”

While losing at home always stings, that game was exactly what the Wildcats needed, and Wenyen Gabriel admits it helped these young Cats get re-focused.

“It kind of brings our focus back and gets us back on line,” Gabriel said. “Even in games when we’re up 30, 40 points, he’s (Calipari) still on us, yelling at us about our defense and different things because he knows as a team what we’re working toward is March.”

Here is a replay of Coach Cal's Tuesday press conference, courtesy of Kentucky Wildcats TV:

And here is what Gabriel and Isaac Humphries had to say about Saturday's loss and moving forward:

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