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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: "Lexi" Edition

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A Sea of Blue reader wins Rupp Arena scoreboard naming competition. Calipari talks about UCLA loss. Stoops reaping recruiting benefits from strong season. More.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

There are plenty of big news items today, but the one I want to briefly highlight is one about the naming of the new Rupp Arena scoreboard/media platform. That multi-million dollar window into all things Wildcat in Rupp Arena was recently named in a contest. You may or may not know that the winner of that contest was a long-time member of A Sea of Blue and personal long-distance friend of mine, Dan Parker.

The Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jerry Tipton interviewed Dan after the selection of his proposed name for the scoreboard, “Lexi,” was picked out of many submissions. Dan was a former sprinter for the Wildcats track team back in 1972, hence his handle on the blog “uksprinter.” He officially signed up for A Sea of Blue back in 2008, and was a reader even before that. Be sure to read Tipton’s article linked above on Dan, it’s a good one, and he has a deep connection all the way back to Adolph Rupp himself.

For his thoughtful effort, Dan won a nice perk:

His prize is two lower-level tickets to every UK home game the rest of the season, two tickets to every ticketed event in Rupp Arena in 2017 (except UK home games next season) and a 40th anniversary Rupp Arena jacket.

Congratulations, Dan, and thanks for being such an awesome representative for UK athletics and, by association, A Sea of Blue.

Tweet of the Morning

Analysis: Mostly true. The law refers to ice cream cones. Sadly, other states also have this law and similarly silly ones as well. A humorous reminder of a long-gone time, I suppose.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Three things to know about Georgia Tech, Kentucky’s opponent in the TaxSlayer Bowl.

    I like Will’s take that this is really little more than an exhibition game. Of course, we want to win and I want to win, but as long as it’s competitive, I’ll be pretty happy. It’s hard to knock me off that post-Louisville high.

    As to the game, Will nailed it when he explained that it’s a nightmare to prepare for the triple option in a week, but a month is a whole different animal. I think this is a game we will win, albeit with difficulty.

  • Four-star offensive tackle trending UK’s way. I really like to hear this kind of news. Kentucky needs to keep pounding away at getting quality linemen. We may love what Benny Snell and Boom Williams have done this season, but without the great improvement in offensive line play, it never would’ve happened.

    Stoops appears to be on this case. That makes me happy.

  • Mark Stoops’ Monday press conference.

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Should college basketball switch to quarters instead of halves, like the NBA? Interestingly, that question has a lot of consequences if it’s done.

    Also, I think Seth is right about this:

    I thought it was so cool that Rick Pitino took his Louisville team to play at Grand Canyon over the weekend. He did it as a favor to Antelopes coach Dan Majerle, but he was treated to a phenomenal atmosphere as well as an other-worldy individual performance by Grand Canyon redshirt junior guard DeWayne Russell, who scored 42 points. I wish more coaches in Pitino’s position scheduled games like this, even it leads to a loss the way it did for Tom Crean when he took his Hoosiers to play at Fort Wayne.

    I agree, but it will probably never happen at Kentucky. Calipari has a completely different agenda than these guys, and a completely different set of basketball problems to solve, no matter what the pundits say. So I’ll be pulling for teams like Louisville, IU, Gonzaga, Florida and others to do this. Don’t hold your breath for Coach Cal to do it.

  • UCLA rises to #2 afer victory over Kentucky. Good for them, but I’m not sanguine about them staying that high. Live by the jump shot, die by the jump shot.

  • Villanova is the third #1 of the young season. I think we’re likely to see a couple more later on.

  • Cody Daniel asks, “What’s wrong with Texas basketball?” #1 on my list is that they keep losing out to teams like UK in recruiting. But considering Shaka Smart’s previous success, it does seem passing strange that the Longhorns are struggling so.

Other sports news
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