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John Calipari gets his ESPN 30 for 30 in April; comments from director

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We now know when Coach Cal’s 30 for 30 is. The director also gave us a peek into the documentary and what makes Cal special.

NCAA Men's Championship Game - Kansas v Kentucky Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

John Calipari is one of a kind, and the whole world will get to see what makes Coach Cal special next year when he gets his own 30 for 30.

The award-winning ESPN documentary series has been focused on a special for Calipari this year, and it was originally planned to be done this fall. However, it got delayed into the spring of 2017, and now we know what the date is.

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch reports that Calipari’s 30 for 30, One Not Done, will air on April 13. That is right after the college basketball season ends and before the NBA playoffs begin, a perfect spot for the documentary to get maximum exposure.

The film will be produced and directed by Jonathan Hock, an Emmy Award-winning producer and director whose previous 30 for 30s include The Best That Never Was (2010), Unguarded (2011), Survive and Advance (2013) and Of Miracles and Men (2015).

Hock spoke with Deitsch about the documentary and what made Cal so special to do one on.

“The thing I find most interesting about Calipari and what makes this film fit within the personality-driven films I have done about Marcus Dupree (the lead subject of The Best That Never Was) or Chris Herron (Unguarded) is that Cal comes from a working-class world. He is of the laborers. His mom worked at a cafeteria and his dad handled bags at airports. His grandparents were coal miners.

“So I think when Cal wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see this super-wealthy, successful, famous coach. He sees those coal miners looking back at him, and that is what keeps him going and motivated.”

Be sure to read the full interview.