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Mark Stoops kicked in referee room door at halftime; also yelled at Paul Johnson

Peak Angry Stoops.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky is in a bowl game for the first time in six years, but the first half was an utter disaster.

The Cats made far too many mistakes and found themselves trailing 20-3 at halftime to Georgia Tech. As you can imagine, Mark Stoops was not a happy camper at halftime, but a big reason was because of a horrific sequence at the end of the half that allowed the Yellow Jackets to convert a 52-yard field goal.

It happened when Georgia Tech quarterback Justin Thomas completed a pass to receiver Brad Stewart with one second left on the clock. Stewart was clearly in bounds when he hit the ground, and with just one second left, Georgia Tech very likely would have not gotten a field goal off in time, but the refs ruled Stewart made it out of bounds, which he clearly did not.

But because it was ruled he went out of bounds, the clock stopped, giving the Yellow Jackets plenty of time to set up the 52-yard field goal, which they converted and went into the half leading 20-3.

That sequence greatly angered Stoops, and he let the refs know about it, according to LEX18's Keith Farmer and Larry Vaught:

But that wasn't all Stoops did. At one point in the first quarter, Stoops went out on the field to yell at Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson while accusing his team of taking cheap shots at UK’s defensive linemen.

Hopefully, that fire is something the players have more of in the second half, or else this could turn ugly quick.