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WATCH Jarred Vanderbilt pick UK and talk about decision

The Cats add one of 2017’s most skilled and versatile forwards to their class.

Christmas came early for the Kentucky Wildcats.

With the holiday weekend nearing, Jarred Vanderbilt made the call to pick UK in front of friends and family:

Vanderbilt also spoke with’s Evan Daniels about the decision, which was made earlier this week.

"After I cut it down to four, I pretty much just evaluated all the schools and that was the best fit for me," Vanderbilt said. "The way they get up and down in transition and they way he develops guys. My game is complemented and I thrive around great players with my passing and rebounding and everything. It's a place you can develop for the league.

“It really hit me about five days ago. It was always a thought in the back of my mind. It really made it clear and the more I watched them, It became more clear.”

Vanderbilt also said that head coach John Calipari and assistant coach Kenny Payne really ramped up their recruiting pressure recently, which helped him pull the trigger sooner than expected.

"He (Calipari) actually has been the main coach recruiting me the past couple of months," said Vanderbilt. "Him and coach Payne have done a great job keeping contact and building the relationship. We grew a better relationship as time passed. It was just a great job on their behalf.”

Be sure to read the full interview.