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A Sincere Thank You to Grayson Allen from Big Blue Nation

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The Duke star deserves our deepest thanks.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Elon University Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Duke star and serial flopper/tripper Grayson Allen exhibited why he is the Dookiest Dookie to ever Dook. He yet again tripped an opponent and acted as if he was fouled.

But instead of the refs giving him the call and the benefit of the doubt as they usually do, someone had the audacity to do the right thing and give him the well deserved technical foul.

Here is what transpired in all of its glory:

And here is the full tantrum, which was glorious to behold:

Today, Allen’s actions, his lame apology, and his indefinite suspension by Duke has been the talk of college basketball. In fact, it’s the talk of the sports nation. Why? Because 90% of the college basketball world loathes Duke. And about 99.9% of the college basketball world loathes Grayson Allen. He represents all of what’s wrong with the faux Duke image.

For all of this, we in the Big Blue Nation want to thank you, Grayson Allen. We want to thank you for distracting everyone from the fact that Kentucky lost its first true road game of the season and went 1-2 in big games that mattered. Thank you for making sure that Louisville winning against Kentucky for only the second time in John Calipari’s tenure has been mostly ignored.

Thanks Grayson, for ensuring that absolutely nobody is talking about how Rick Pitino actually figured out how to slow Kentucky down, or that Bam Adebayo was abusing the Cardinal frontcourt but his teammates forgot that he was on the court, or that Malik Monk went cold from outside after blistering UNC for 47, or that Kentucky got almost zilch from the bench and veteran players, or that defense is, in fact, a bit of an issue, or that if Kentucky hit free throws down the stretch the Wildcats would have won.

The only folks even talking about this game are local media honks, fan blogs, and UofL fans cheering for the one thing positive that’s happened to their basketball program in over a year. And we all have Grayson Allen to thank.

Grayson Allen, the one person in college basketball that may be more loathsome than Rick Pitino. That’s one hell of an accomplishment.