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Wildcat Quickies: The Sun Came Up Edition

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Moving on from the Louisville loss. Grayson Allen is up to his antics again. Boogie has media relations concerns. More.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the rarity that occurred last night that may have made you believe the sky was falling (I’m talking about Kentucky losing to Louisville), everything is fine. Kentucky is a young team that was playing its first road game of the year, and they showed their inexperience. Just about everything went wrong for Kentucky, and they still only lost by one possession. Everything is fine (or it soon will be).

Tweets of the day

Bam Adebayo is easily the best Bam out there.

When they’re forced to play in the half court, the Cats are going to have to run a more efficient offense.

I’d now like to present you with a sequence of tweets trolling Grayson Allen for being Grayson Allen:

Your quickies

Louisville snaps losing streak against Kentucky - USA Today
This is the first time the Cards have defeated Kentucky since 2012. This could be a game we see again in March.

Quentin Snider steals headlines - WDRB
We all expected to be talking about Malik Monk after this one, but instead Louisville guard Quentin Snider played out of his mind and stole the show.

Malik Monk enters top 10 of player of the year rankings - CBS Sports
Monk’s 47-point outburst is still causing people to talk. CBS has him at No. 9 in their player of the year rankings, and he’s not the only Wildcat on the list.

Kentucky football lands commitment from Jordan Wright - Herald-Leader
Wright is a defensive end form Florida, who ranks as the No. 21 weakside defensive end in his class, according to 247 Sports.

No. 18 Lady Cats beat Washington 69-67 - Lex 18
Well, at least one Kentucky basketball team won yesterday. This one was just as tight and intense as Kentucky-Louisville, as Makayla Epps scored 20 points to help Kentucky beat Washington in the final moments.

Kentucky reportedly adds game to 2018 football schedule - SEC Country
Kentucky will reportedly play Middle Tennessee in 2018. Kentucky has defeated Middle Tennessee in both of their two previous matchups.

Rumor mill on Noel to Raptors heats up - Fox Sports
It seems as though Nerlens Noel is bound to be traded eventually. Apparently the Raptors have interest in the former Kentucky big man.

Could Boogie handle Boston? - CBS
DeMarcus Cousins’ media outbursts have led some to question how he would handle a larger market. Boston continues to be brought up as a trade/free agent destination for Cousins, but he’d be even more under the media microscope than he is now.

Grayson Allen should be suspended five games for latest trip/kick - Fox Sports
Allen has shown extreme immaturity and an odd mindset. What is his intent? He’s clearly not thinking in terms of what’s best for Duke. His actions should prompt a suspension.

Luke Kuechly hopes to play in 2016 - ESPN
Kuechly is looking to play again in the regular season this year, and is optimistically hoping to play against the Atlanta Falcons.

Saban believes emphasis on playoff leads to players skipping bowls - Yahoo Sports
Nick Saban thinks that with all the emphasis on the playoff, the other bowls seem to not matter (they really don’t, in the grand scheme of things). And for a player who’s guaranteed millions of dollars immediately after his college career ends, why would he play that game that no one pays attention to?

Drew Brees snub shows irrelevancy of Pro Bowl - Fox Sports
Brees has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL this year, and yet he didn’t make the Pro Bowl roster. He’s one of the most deserving players in the NFC for that honor.

Hershey has a new CEO - Fortune