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Wildcat Quickies: Eric Bledsoe Edition

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Eric Bledsoe is playing All-Star basketball. Kentucky vs. Louisville is a hot ticket. More.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Minnesota Timberwolves Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Bledsoe has been red hot lately for the Phoenix Suns. The Suns’ record hasn’t been great, but Bledsoe has, as he has recorded three 30-point games in the month of December. Bledsoe has also had two 27-point games this month, as he’s averaged nearly 22 points for the month. Bledsoe is also averaging 5.5 assists this month, and 4.3 rebounds, which certainly isn’t bad for a point guard. Hopefully the Suns can get to winning ways with the great play that Bledsoe has shown.

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How much would you pay for a ticket to Kentucky-Louisville? - Business Journals
There are resale tickets hitting four figures, and even the cheapest tickets are over $100 after fees.

Kentucky climbs into top five in coaches poll - USA Today
Kentucky didn’t move in the AP Poll thanks to the success of everyone ahead of them, but they did jump into the top five of the Coaches Poll after their win over North Carolina.

Kentucky-North Carolina was quite the attraction in Las Vegas - ESPN
Everyone was betting on Kentucky vs. North Carolina, as the game drew more bets in Vegas than a lot of NFL games on that same Sunday.

Kenny Payne has seen both sides of Kentucky-Louisville rivalry - Courier-Journal
Kenny Payne, a National Champion with Louisville, now does his work on the other side of the rivalry, on Kentucky’s sideline.

Calipari says teams have exploited Kentucky players - CBS Sports
Players like North Carolina’s Justin Jackson have exposed some of Kentucky’s holes on defense. When the opposition gets a mismatch, they can run right through the Kentucky defense.

Monk is Cal’s most electrifying freshman scorer ever - SB Nation
I think that goes without saying; Monk is just scratching the surface of his career. He could go down as the best shooter to come through Kentucky if he keeps up this level of play.

Boom Williams keeping draft thoughts to himself to avoid distraction - SEC Country
Boom Williams probably has a lot on his mind right now; he’s potentially going to the NFL to make millions next year, but he’s got at least one game left, and it’s the first bowl game he’s ever played in. Unlike other running backs in college this year, he’s keeping his thoughts on the draft to himself to keep from being a distraction as UK prepares for the TaxSlayer Bowl.

ND guard’s brother comes home from Afghanistan, surprises him at game|Fox Sports
What a touching moment this was: Notre Dame defeated Colgate on Monday, and following the game Matt Farrell’s brother, Bo, surprised him with an early arrival home. It’s a moment that’s hard to put into words.

Tom Savage is the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans - Washington Post
On behalf of everyone that’s not a Houston Texans fan, LOL. It’s disappointing that Brock Osweiler hasn’t shown starter capability this season, especially after he showed a lot of potential last year in Denver. But hey, get to know Houston’s new starting quarterback in this article.

Jon Gruden taking Rams’ head coaching job would sorta make sense... - Yahoo! Sports
Gruden loved Jared Goff when he had him on his quarterback camp, so perhaps that’s one reason why he’d take the job if he’s offered.

Could Fournette and McCaffrey start new bowl trend? - Fox Sports
Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are both foregoing their bowl games to prep for the NFL draft. Could this be a trend in the future? (this may or may not be what I was talking about when discussing Boom above)

Salvation Army donations go up after Elliott’s celebration - NBC Sports
Not only was the celebration fun to watch, it did a lot of good. The Salvation Army saw a 61 percent increase in donations after Elliott’s jump into the Salvation Army bucket.

Uber sees third quarter loss of $800 million - Wall Street Journal