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Kentucky likely in TaxSlayer Bowl vs Georgia Tech, per report

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Cats vs Yellow Jackets?

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats will make it to the TaxSlayer Bowl, where the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will be waiting.

That’s what WKYT is reporting, though this has been mentioned as a possibility a lot this week. We’ve seen UK getting talked up for the TaxSlayer Bowl, formerly known as the Gator Bowl, by the bowl’s own president.

But to this point, it’s been unclear as to whether Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina Tar, or Miami would be the ACC opponent UK would face. They are among eight teams the bowl is considering, though it appears to be down to UK and Arkansas from the SEC.

The bowl matchup for this features the SEC’s No. 3-8 team vs the ACC’s No. 4-7 team. UK finished in a tie for second place in the SEC East, even though they actually drop to fourth because of Georgia and Tennessee both beating the Cats.

The bowls don’t have to take this into account though, and it sounds like the TaxSlayer Bowl may actually prefer UK over one or both of those other SEC teams.

You can help UK get to the TaxSlayer Bowl by pre-ordering tickets.