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Eddie Gran staying with Kentucky Wildcats Football

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Kentucky’s OC is staying put.

Jason Marcum

A major part of Kentucky’s success this season was its success in the running game, as well as the ability to be effective passing.

To keep that going, the Cats need offensive coordinator Eddie Gran back next year. Some feared that Gran would leave after he was rumored to be a candidate for the South Florida job (though they hired Charlie Strong), but according to SEC Country, Gran has assured that he’s staying put.

“There’s no question,” Gran said, when talking about staying with Kentucky. “There were times in my career I chased it. I just don’t feel I have to do that anymore. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. I love Lexington.”

Head Coach Mark Stoops has apparently gone to athletic director Mitch Barnhart and lobbied for Gran to get a new contract, which is apparently now in the works. Gran’s current deal pays him $650,000 annually, which makes him the highest-paid UK assistant. Still, good coordinators get paid more at big schools, so don’t be surprised if UK starts paying him closer to $800K+ annually.

UK’d offense wasn’t perfect this year, but Gran was integral in the Cats going 7-5 record with a backup quarterback, so he definitely deserves some credit for that. Gran’s connections in Florida have also proved to be a major recruiting asset thus far.

With the success UK had this year, there’s no denying that keeping Gran is a big deal in order for this team to continue building.