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John Calipari Podcast: Cal Cast Episode 1 is up with Charles Barkley as guest

Cal Cast debuts its first show with Sir Charles as a guest.

The first episode of the John Calipari podcast is here.

Calipari’s new 30-minute podcast titled Cal Cast is now available on iTunes and other podcasting platforms. Episode 1 of the show features Hall of Fame basketball player Charles Barkley, who now commentates on NBA and NCAA Tournament games with Turner Sports.

This show came out of nowhere as Cal revealed the podcast on Monday, and now his first episode is up on Tuesday.

“This podcast is a new way for me to connect with people and to talk honestly with high profile guests who all have very interesting stories and bold opinions,” Calipari told “I’m really going to have fun with this. Sure, we’ll talk basketball, but with many of my big guests we’ll talk about a variety of things that keep life and the conversation interesting.”

Be sure to listen to the entire first episode.