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Wildcat Quickies: Bowl Possibilities Edition

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Kentucky's bowl options, some Cats doing great in the NBA, Isaiah Austin cleared to return to basketball and more.

The Kentucky Wildcats' football program made quite the turnaround this year, and because of that their bowl options have opened up. The Cats seemed bound for Shreveport after getting their sixth win, but with a shocking seventh win over Louisville, Kentucky has some options. Most notably, the TaxSlayer Bowl seems to want Kentucky badly. There's also the Belk Bowl, and there's a small chance that Kentucky could end up in the Music City Bowl. Regardless of where the Cats go, it's great for them to swing from 5-7 to 7-5 this year.

Tweet of the day

Putting them in the NBA, and setting them up to succeed.

Your quickies

TaxSlayer Bowl President favors Kentucky - SEC Country
The bowl's President, Rick Catlett, said that after the Cats beat Louisville they're at the top of the wishlist. It's looking as though it would take an SEC Championship upset to keep Kentucky from the TaxSlayer Bowl.

ESPN projects Kentucky to TaxSlayer Bowl or Belk Bowl - Nation of Blue
These have been the two bowls with the highest likelihood for Kentucky, and even though it looks as though the TaxSlayer Bowl is most likely, ESPN isn't ruling out the Belk Bowl.

Better turnaround: Kentucky or Vanderbilt? - ESPN
Both Kentucky and Vanderbilt have had stressful football seasons. They went from having fans and media members demand that their respective head coaches be fired, to both reaching bowl eligibility. But who had the better turnaround?

Bowl possibilities expand for Kentucky with win over Louisville - BG Daily News
Before the win over Louisville, Kentucky looked bound for Shreveport. Now, Kentucky has some more options and is likely to end up in Florida.

Jacob Tamme on bowl prep, how the Louisville win compares to 2007 - CN2
Tamme talks about preparing for bowl games, and how this year's upset of Louisville compares to "Stevie got loose" in 2007.

Karl-Anthony Towns goes off, Timberwolves still lose - USA Today
Former Cat Towns proved again that he's one of the great young stars in the game. But it wasn't enough, as Carmelo Anthony came through in the clutch to give the New York Knicks a win.

Brandon Knight scores 23, Suns win - Fox Sports
Knight, who's looking much improved this year, led the Suns and their band of former Wildcats to a win over the Atlanta Hawks.

WATCH: DeMarcus Cousins played the role of janitor - The Washington Posthe Kings and Sixers were set to play last night, until the game was postponed because of condensation on the floor. Cousins did all he could to help out, but he couldn't save the game.

Indiana drops North Carolina - Yahoo! Sports
Indiana has bounced back from a terrible loss to Fort Wayne to upset North Carolina, which is a huge bounce back for the Hoosiers.

Derek Carr practicing despite finger injury - numberFire
Carr had a protective glove on during practice, but he did participate, which isn't a surprise after he played through the injury, which looked ugly when it happened.

Isaiah Austin says doctors have cleared him to return - ESPN
Austin was a Baylor basketball star who was destined to play in the NBA, until he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. Austin has fought hard to recover, and he says doctors have cleared him to return.

Mike Zimmer to have emergency eye surgery - ESPN
Zimmer's eye surgery makes him uncertain to be able to coach against Dallas on Thursday.

Netflix adding an offline option for users - NPR
Want to watch Netflix on the go, but don't have an online connection? No need to fear! Netflix is allowing users to download content to watch offline later.