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John Petty Recruiting Update and Final Predictions

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Will John Petty go with Alabama or Kentucky?

Nike/Jon Lopez

Thursday will see a host of 2017 recruits making their college decisions, among which will include John Petty.

The four-star wing out of Alabama is set to make his college decision at halftime of his school’s home game vs Huntsville. All signs are pointing towards the Alabama Crimson Tide for the Huntsville native, but the Kentucky Wildcats are still in the running for his services.

The latest 247 Crystal Ball has Bama favored over UK for Petty, though not by that big of a margin.


Before Petty makes his choice, we gathered our staff for one final round of predictions for where the talented wing ends up.

James Streble

John Petty was a high priority for John Calipari at the beginning of his recruitment, but as Cal's eye has wandered towards players such as Hamidou Diallo, Lonnie Walker, and Shai Alexander, the interest in Petty seemed to have dropped off.

Alabama and Avery Johnson has made him THE priority and I think that is what Petty was looking for. With him announcing at the halftime of one of his high school basketball games in his native Alabama, it sure smells like it's going to be a Tide commitment.

Zac Oakes

Petty: For a long time, I thought Petty would be Kentucky's first commit in the class. It seemed like there was a lot of mutual interest there, and he was the first player Calipari offered in the 2017 class. I think that says something about the interest he had in Petty.

However, the longer it went on, the more I began to question if he was going to be in blue and white in 2017. As my final guess, I'm predicting Petty to Alabama. I think there is a strong lure for him to stay close to home, and he has a chance to be a major difference maker for the Crimson Tide.

There is a lot of appeal in that and playing for Avery Johnson. I'm not quite sure what happened between him and Kentucky, because I really think he wanted to commit to UK a while back, but Alabama has the momentum in this recruitment and ultimately I believe Petty will stay home to play for Alabama next season.

Jordan Abrams

Petty would bring a lot to the table for the Cats. Some of his best strengths are that he’s very athletic, He can shoot from anywhere on the floor, and he does a very good job at finishing through contact. He could improve on a couple of pieces of his game, like rebounding and his ball-handling, but overall he will help the Cats a lot if he comes to UK.

I think Petty is going to be tough for Cal to get, especially with Alabama in the mix and Avery Johnson. Petty wants a family atmosphere and a good relationship with his coach, this is why I believe he will come to Kentucky. I Do believe Petty will be a Wildcat next year.

Ryan Clark

Cal's been on Petty from the beginning, and rarely does he miss on a guy like that. But this kid's going to Alabama - and honestly, I think there's other fish in the sea, one of them being Shai Alexander. This says more about Alabama than UK.

Avery Johnson's doing work down there as a recruiter, and getting Petty is a major accomplishment. Then again, we all said the same thing about Malik Newman and Mississippi State last year.

Jason Marcum

As everyone said about, UK not pushing harder for Petty is why he ultimately is going to go elsewhere. Recruits like to be treated like stars, not like they’re going to be the fourth or fifth-best player in a class, which is what Petty was for UK.

He simply isn’t the same caliber of player as Trae Young, Hamidou Diallo, Kevin Knox, P.J. Washington, Jarred Vanderbilt, Mo Bamba, Quade Green, and Nick Richards. I expect UK to landed at least four players from that group, meaning Petty was going to be the fifth or even sixth-best player in this class had he committed to UK.

But at Alabama, he can be made to feel like he is ‘the guy’ in their class, even though Collin Sexton is the top player they’re getting, who also happens to be signing on Thursday...

Saying all of this, I won’t be surprised at all if this was all a big smokescreen by Petty to drum up more interest in his commitment before ‘shocking the world’ and picking UK. It seems like every class has at least one UK recruit pull that stunt, so I won’t be surprised if Petty does it, but I’m picking Bama.

And none of this is meant to shortchange Petty’s talent. He’s the perfect player to build a class with and have for 2-4 years. UK badly needed to get a guy like Petty in this class with so many spots needing to be filled next year, so I don’t think this is a ‘UK passed on Petty for better options’ situation.

They wanted Petty, just not bad enough. Bama does, and they deserve to get him for their efforts.