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Things that UK fans do that can annoy fellow UK fans during football season

Over my time as a UK fan and someone who comes into contact with UK fans daily, I have took notes on what we do to annoy each other. Here are the Do's and Don'ts for Big Blue Nation. 

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Okay Big Blue Nation, First you guys should know that I adore you guys. Seriously, working for UK athletics has opened my eyes to more than what I could ask for in my different aspects but primarily to seeing up close and personal of the love fans have. Even if some of you do puke in the stands, I still love you guys.

Even though we have in my unbiased ( very biased) opinion, one of the most loyal and dedicated fan bases out there, we do have just a few flaws. This article is just to highlight the do's and don'ts in the Big Blue Family.

The Do's For Football

Cheer for the Cats to the very end of the game. This applies to every sport and despite how much time is left on the clock. Honestly, I will NEVER accept someone leaving at half time. Even if we are getting blown out of the water or opposite. You paid for those seats so you might as well stay to its almost over anyways. Also, its sports people. You seriously never know what could happen. Maybe we will continue to get beat/or beat the opponent or maybe there could be a comeback of the century. Do you really want to risk missing it?

Have some optimistic views. There is nothing worse than being around constant negative nancy sports fans. Maybe the odds could be highly stacked against us but still have a little faith. After all, anything and I mean anything is possible in a game.

When we score a touchdown, get loud. This is something we are notorious for especially after the fireworks. Nothing is more music to my ears then when I walk around the stadium during work and hearing you guys start the Cats Chant. Keep it up as usual.

When the players turn around and ask for your applause, give it to them. Hype them up. You will see players turn around on occasion and throw their arms in the air to hear a louder response. If you know anything about sports then you know a good atmosphere is everything.

The Dont's

We are all very much guilty of this and even including myself but try to avoid saying bringing up Basketball while at UK football games. Here’s why.

Do we have the best football team in the SEC? No. But we still have one and one that despite some losses still have potential left.Even though we know how strong our basketball program is, still give some attention to our football team and encourage the players. They are aware of how fans feel and I think we could do better at not jumping the gun.

When we lose, do not talk how poor our program is consistently. We have made some grave mistakes in football. But if you're a fan, you're a fan. Feel free to criticize the program to an extent but wearing a UK shirt and going off for hours about how much you think the team sucks doesn't look good. Rant and then let it be done.

Do not fight other Cats fans. This is a rare thing but disputes can occur which is foolish among the same fan base. We are all cheering for the same teams. Keep it that way and aim your hate towards Louisville.

At the end of the day, no matter the score we will still love the Cats. Even though we have had struggles during the season, its not over yet. Go to Commonwealth, turn on the TV, and most importantly be a true fan till the season is up. We can still do this ladies and Gents. Have some faith