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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Election Day Edition

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Can Tai Wynyard make a difference for the Wildcats this season?

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Quickies. Today, as you all know, is election day. One of the most sacred honors of a democratic republic is the franchise, and exercising the right to have your say in how this country is run.

Unlike many people, I don’t encourage those who are uninformed or disinterested to vote. Abstention is a reasonable and ethical act for those who, for whatever reason, don’t really know where the candidates stand, or care what they stand for. Voting for random people is not a meaningful, helpful, or even particularly democratic thing to do.

But if you do care who runs the country and have at least a passing interest in the issues, the act of showing up at the appointed place with your fellow Americans and participating in the archetypal act of self-government is both personally and collectively rewarding. I recommend it highly.

Thank you for reading my little public service announcement. Now, on to the real reason you’re here, which is to read about the Kentucky Wildcats.

To that point, one name we have not heard that much this season is Tai Wynyard. But Wynyard is in there, fighting for minutes with the likes of Bam Adebayo:

Adebayo finished with nine points and six rebounds in 15 minutes in UK’s blowout win over Asbury. Battling the muscular freshman and UK’s other bigs for precious is Tai Wynyard, who redshirted last season after enrolling before the spring semester.

After posting six points and three rebounds in nine minutes against Clarion, Wynyard scored 10 points, grabbed four boards in and blocked two shots in 11 minutes vs. Asbury.

Wynyard has game, and if he keeps working hard, he’s going to get minutes. Probably not a ton of them this season, but he’ll get an opportunity. One of the things that UK is likely to see out of the freshmen, particularly early in the season, is foul trouble. Guys like Wynyard and Isaac Humprhies will be critical during big moments of the season when the starters have to sit with fouls.

Tweet of the Morning

It’s getting real.

Your Quickies:

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  • Kentucky target PJ Washington is said to be committing to his school of choice on Thursday. The Cats Pause has a history of recent UK commitments that’s fun to watch.

  • Isaiah Briscoe is named to the Lute Olsen award watch list. This award is given to the top NCAA Division I player who has played at least two years in college.

  • Kentucky is the biggest spender in college basketball, but not by much.

  • Jay Bilas talks Kentucky basketball. Consider:

    "Outside of Duke, this is the most talented team in the country just from pure basketball talent. It’s just young talent. Any time you have youth at that level. Kentucky’s seen it both ways. Kentucky’s seen youth that is sort of ready to go, and then youth you have to wait on, and I’m not sure where this team shakes out just yet."

    I think this is right. I have a good feeling about them, though.

    Also, I liked this:

    "I’ve advocated for a long time that the NCAA ought to let these schools play real games. Everybody complains that the little guy doesn’t get as many shots against the big guy. Well, instead of giving these teams these exhibition games that accomplish nothing, other than make them money and be a part of their season-ticket package, I would advocate that let the teams play real games, but you have to play a mid-major school within 100 miles of your school. You could bring somebody in that would not otherwise get a chance to play against you.

    Makes a lot more sense than the game on Sunday did.

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