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Bracketology Roundup: Kentucky Wildcats among top seeds

CBS, USA Today and NBC Sports expect UK to be among the top seeds in the next NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky does not start their regular season until Friday night when they host the Lumberjacks from Stephen F. Austin. However, with two televised practices and two exhibition games under their belts, bracketologists are already projecting the Kentucky Wildcats as a 1-seed in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

I completely agree that it is a little too much to guess how the brackets will fall before the regular season even starts, but based on the small sample size, it is looking like Kentucky will be among the nation’s best this season.

Jerry Palm from CBS, Shelby Mast from USA Today Sports and Dave Ommen from NBC Sports released their preseason bracket projections, and both placed Kentucky as a one-seed in the South Region.

This would mean the Wildcats would play their first two games in Indianapolis, and if they advance to the region, would play those games in Memphis. To me, that sounds like an ideal scenario for ‘Cats fans who want to travel to the games.

The two agreed on Kentucky being the third #1 seed behind Duke and Kansas, with Villanova earning the fourth #1 seed, edging Oregon and North Carolina for the final spot.

CBS has Kentucky’s bracket including the following:

#2 North Carolina

#3 Indiana


#5 Gonzaga

#6 Cincinnati

#7 Butler

#8 Dayton

#9 Maryland

#11 Vanderbilt

USA Today has Kentucky’s bracket including the following:

#2 North Carolina

#3 Indiana

#4 Iowa State

#5 UCLA (Kentucky and UCLA face off on December 3)


#7 Miami

#8 Dayton

#9 Butler

#16 Texas Arlington

They also placed five SEC teams into the Big Dance, including Alabama in a play-in game for an 11 seed in the East, Mississippi State as an 11 seed in the West, Texas A&M as a 9 seed in the Midwest, and Florida as a 10-seed in the Midwest, along with the Wildcats.

NBC Sports has Kentucky’s bracket including the following:

#2 North Carolina

#3 Wisconsin


#5 West Virginia

#6 Rhode Island

#7 Texas

#8 Dayton

#9 Virginia Tech

NBC placed only three teams in the tournament, including Kentucky. Florida comes in as an 8 seed in the East Region, while Texas A&M comes in as a 9 in the Midwest. Georgia is listed among the First Four Out, with Vanderbilt being in the Next Four out.

It seems like the bracketologists love the idea of a Kentucky-UCLA Sweet 16 matchup, followed by Kentucky-North Carolina for a trip to the Final Four. Those two matchups would definitely draw in a lot of ratings.