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2nd Half Thread: Kentucky vs. Georgia

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Can the Cats continue to hold off the Dawgs?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that first half had pretty much everything you could want in an SEC gridiron battle: Amazing plays, crazy fans, hyper engaged coaches, and mildly entertaining commentators. After 30 minutes of action, the Cats lead 14-13.

Kentucky has done a lot of things right and a few things wrong.

The Good:

  • A VERY Strong Run Game
  • Solid Defense

The Wrong:

  • Self-inflicted penalties, to include two, count them TWO for illegal formations
  • A few blown tackles
  • A fairly ineffective passing game

I think we can take this game if we continue to penetrate their defensive line, while minimizing their running game AND minimizing penalties. That’s going to require 110% mental discipline and focus to go with an incredible show of physical prowess.

We have to do our part here too, BBN, and that involves cheering yourself hoarse! But hey, we’re Kentucky, horse is part of our daily vocabulary!

Let’s do this, Cats!