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Gamethread: Kentucky WBB vs. Union

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Kentucky Women’s Basketball kicks off the 2016-2017 season!

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Midnight Madness Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The UK Women take center stage tonight at Memorial in their lone exhibition game of the season. Ranked #19th in the country coming into the season, Cat fans everywhere should be very excited to see these ladies take the floor.

‘But Jords’, you may be thinking, ‘We had all these transfers over the summer, why should we be excited?’

The answers to this can be found in my preseason write up here, but if you don’t feel up to the challenge of clicking a link (after all, we’re all still in post-Halloween carb comas and clicking a link sounds suspiciously like work) never fear. I can sum it up for you in just a few points:

  • Makayla Epps: I think she’s on every pre-season award list there is, to include being a Pre-Season All American and nominated to the All-SEC first team. This woman is relishing every moment of her final year at UK, (the WWE belt at BBM is what some might consider a clue) and I think we should plan to enjoy it right along with her. Maybe she gives us another triple double performance. Maybe she breaks Jen O’Neil’s single game scoring record. Whatever the case, this Kentucky born & bred will give her all for the BBN.
  • Evelyn Akhator: Look for this star to go into beast mode every night. Fully expect to see her making a run for SEC Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Maci Morris: Braids like Katniss and skills like Maravich. (OK, maybe she’s not Pistol Pete-level yet.) Named for another Macy you may have heard of.
  • Taylor Murray: Come for the speed, stay for the steals
  • Makenzie Cann: And we’re pretty sure she will. (Ba dum chah!) Seriously, heard nothing but good things coming out of practice, can’t wait to see her in real life.

UNLIKE the men, the ladies’ exhibition will not be televised. In fact, we won’t be able to see them play on TV until December 1st against Oklahoma. (And if the schedule posted at is correct, the UK-UofL game is once again untelevised. What the heck, Mitch???) So if you want to catch tonight’s action, you can listen in via iHeart to the sultry sounds (and awesome play by play) of Neil Price on 630WLAP, or watch via ESPN3/the Watch ESPN app.

Tipoff is at 7 PM EDT. See you then!