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Kentucky Football: Time to Get PUMPED for Saturday's Showdown

Kentucky Football is rarely blessed with moments that could be special... this Saturday is one of them.

Kentucky hosts a Georgia Bulldog team that comes limping into Commonwealth Stadium for an opportunity few of us has ever seen.

Unless you are 39 years old or older, you were not alive the last time The Kentucky Football team finished the SEC schedule with a winning record in 1977.  If Kentucky beats Georgia on Saturday, they will be guaranteed at least a 5-3 finish in the conference.

That is 40 years folks, 40 years since that has happened and one of the only two teams standing in Kentucky's way is a very very average Georgia team with a True Freshman QB and a True Freshman Head Coach in the SEC, metaphorically speaking.

There is really no need to go any deeper into the opportunity the 'Cats have against a winnable Georgia team, but suffice to say it is crystal clear.

If you are a gambler, then you know this game is actually more winnable, according to Vegas, than the Missouri or Mississippi State games they've already won.


If you have attended some of the bigger atmospheres of the past few years; Thursday night vs. Auburn or the Florida game last year, or Mississippi State the prior year then you know the feeling of an atmosphere that transcends Kentucky Football history.

That collective energy before the game is contagious and palpable.  Regardless of the program history, you really feel like this is going to be a special night.

Well, I am thinking that you are going to see an even rowdier atmosphere Saturday, and you will want to be there to feel it.

If it is at all possible, you should make the trip and be a part of it for two reasons.

  • First off, being in attendance at one of those moments that people look back on as a historic event is something you cannot measure... it is simply priceless.
  • Secondly, the impact it could have on the game cannot be overstated.  You need only look as far as last Saturday at South Carolina to see it.

Tennessee traveled to Wiliams-Brice Stadium with visions of an SEC East title in their heads.  They were more talented and double-digit favorites... it should have been a team they handled.

Call it the newness of an 18 year Quarterback for the Gamecocks, or the fact that they despise Tennessee, or the fact that Will Muschamp had never lost to the Vols, but whatever the reason, Columbia was abso-friggin-lutely rocking that night.

Sandstorm was blaring, the stands were shaking, and that god-awful rooster call seemed even louder and more frequent than ever.  The fans never let up the entire game, and even on TV it felt like they were in the backfield of UT's offense, you could almost see them lined up and down the sideline taunting the UT defense... they were an otherwise relentless omnipresent force.

It was clearly a factor in the Gamecocks maintaining momentum and preventing Tennessee from grasping any away from them.

Put simply; the Vols ran into a buzz saw.

Coach Stoops is challenging the fans to sellout the stadium, and there is good reason for this; he knows the energy it brings to the team and the advantage it gains.

There are many Kentucky Football fans that are not fully bought back into the program, and that is ok.  Having said that, if there was ever a time to make your presence felt, it is this weekend.

Georgia is not as good as UT, and UK is better than South Carolina...  I can only imagine the power and impact that Big Blue Nation could impose on Georgia this weekend, but I plan to see it firsthand.

So, come to Lexington... get rowdy... stay rowdy, and let's be a part of history folks.


While I have your attention, I thought it would be great to check out some of Kentucky Football's greatest moments.  Remind us all of those times when we felt more alive than we ever had as a Kentucky Football fan.

Dicky LIGHTS UP Craig Steltz... 'He got hit soooo bad'

Abney sets the punt return record (Terrible quality video, but the Tom Leach call FTW)

Tom Leach on the call as Randall Cobb and the 'Cats take down Steve Spurrier. 'Ding Dong, the Streak is Dead!!'

Mike Hartline and Randall Cobb connect to come back and beat Bobby Petrino and Arkansas

You can simply call this 'WildKemp', JoJo goes crazy on South Carolina in Kentucky Chrome

Matt Roark inks his place in UK Football lore by ending the streak against the Vols

'Stevie got loose'

Tim Couch to Craig Yeast to beat Alabama

Hal Mumme and Tim Couch embarrass Louisville in the inaugural game at Papa Johns Stadium 68-34

The 'Cats take down Matthew Stafford and Georgia for the first time in 10 years and storm the field (I was part of the field storming, LOVING it.)

#17 Kentucky Beats #1 LSU in Lexington

The Tom Leach call of the final play, can't leave that out! 'VICTORY!!! KENTUCKY!!!'

Austin AutoMacGinnis sends Dan Mullen and the Cowbells packing from 51-yards deep