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Kentucky Basketball Preview: De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox is expected to be the next great Calipari point guard. Here’s a look at how he’ll fare in his freshman year at Kentucky.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky Media Day Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

#0 De’Aaron Fox

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 187 lbs

Position: point guard

High school: Cypress Lakes (TX)

Ranking: 5-star recruit and top-10 prospect on ESPN, Scout, Rivals, and 247 Sports

Twitter: @Swipathef0x

With all the talent in this recruiting class, it’s hard to pick out just which freshman will be the best this season. But what is for sure is that Fox is going to make a case for being the best freshman on this team.

Fox has the athletic ability that has him drawing comparisons to John Wall. Fox uses that athletic ability to get by people with ease and drive to the rim, plus he’s got great handles that allow him to dribble circles around the opposition.

John Calipari has noted that Fox has to use his athleticism and speed more often and just blow by people instead of trying to break their ankles.

While Fox could score at will in high school (which he made clear when he put up 50 points in a game), he still made it evident that he’s not one-dimensional. He has great floor vision that can allow him to make pinpoint passes, even as he’s going the length of the floor in just a matter of seconds.

In high school he often neglected the fact that he was the best scorer on the floor, and would continue to make great passes to those around him. Fox was bigger than everyone else in high school, despite being a guard, so he was able to defend and rebound much better than most at his position.

Even though he won’t be over-sized in college, Fox will still be a top-flight defender. His athleticism will do him favors on both sides of the ball, and his lateral quickness will help him get through screens on defense.

Fox has it all. He’s got quickness that helps him on both ends, he’s selfless, he can score, he can defend and he can pass. All he has to do is be more confident in his athleticism, as Calipari has said, and he’ll be at his best.

2016-17 outlook

Fox is only going to get better at Kentucky. He’ll have to adjust to not being the biggest guy on the floor anymore, but that may be the only problem he has. He’s got scoring machines like Malik Monk and intimidating big men like Bam Adebayo to pass to now that he’s at Kentucky, as opposed to his teammates in high school that weren’t nearly as good as him, so he’ll rack up a lot of assists.

As for scoring himself, it’ll be about him learning to use his speed. He’ll have to adjust to the NCAA game, as I said, but his speed will allow him to blow past guys bigger than him and still get to the rim. He’s been able to score at will in the past, and once he adjusts to the size and speed around him, he’ll be doing whatever he wants most of the time.

Fox is being compared to John Wall for a reason, and he’s not far from being the next superstar in a line of Calipari point guards. He’s in the best position to succeed at Kentucky, and you can certainly expect him to blossom as a Wildcat.

It’ll likely be his only season in a Kentucky uniform, but it’ll be a successful one for him.