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De’Aaron Fox triple-double in danger?

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De'Aaron Fox's historic night may actually be all for naught, as the guard's seventh assist is being called into question.

On Monday night, De'Aaron Fox became the second Kentucky Wildcats player to ever record a triple-double, with a 14 point, 11 rebound, 10 assist performance against Arizona State.

But some people aren't so sure he should actually have gotten a triple-double.

It's pretty clear that Fox shouldn't have been given an assist on that play, which was his seventh assist.

Fox picked up his 10th assist with 4:40 remaining and went to the bench for the rest of the game after that. It's likely that had he had only 9 assists instead of 10, Calipari would've left him in the game to pick up that 10th one. However, it's obviously not about speculation.

Kentucky is aware of the situation, and has no control over whether or not the stats will stand the way they are now. Here's what Eric Lindsey, the associate director of sports information for men's basketball, told LEX 18.

"We are aware of the statistic in question and informed the official scorers. We defer all decisions to the official scorer. Because of travel, they are currently working through the process now of evaluating the play in question."

Fox's triple-double is quite historic, as it's the first time a Wildcat has put up a triple-double since Chris Mills did it in 1988. Hopefully it'll stand, although it's clear that the play under question was not an assist for Fox.