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UK fan makes "I hate Rick Pitino for not guarding the inbound pass" shirt

Yes, someone made a shirt out of this.

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Monday night's matchup between Kentucky and Arizona State brought about some painful memories for Wildcats fans who remember Bobby Hurley and his Duke teams.

Hurley was part of the memorable 1992 NCAA thriller between UK and Duke. Now the Arizona State head coach, Hurley finished that regional final with 22 points and 10 assists, but it was teammate Christian Laettner's shot at the buzzer that beat UK and sent Duke to the Final Four.

By now, you've probably seen the 'I hate Laettner' shirts that some UK fans will wear. However, as UK was putting a thumping on ASU Monday night, a fan was spotted in the stands wearing a shirt that shows who he was really angry at for the Laettner shot.

John Calipari also blames Rick Pitino for that shot and not having someone guard the inbounder.