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Bobby Petrino was not happy about Kentucky beating Louisville

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Petrino was disgusted in his post game press conference.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been following Bobby Petrino through his career, or even paid the slightest bit of attention to why he’s at Louisville and not an SEC school, then you know that he’s not exactly a stand-up guy. After taking a devastating loss to Kentucky yesterday to drop his team’s record to 9-3, Petrino showed an inability to stay level-headed.

Petrino’s press conference was unusually short, in fact it only lasted about four minutes.

This question about Lamar Jackson wasn’t an unreasonable question; it was actually a legitimate football question. But here’s how Bobby P responded to it.

Wow, Bobby. Tell us how you really feel. My favorite part about this is the awkward glance he gives back into the room as he’s leaving.

What is he doing? Is he staring down the reporter? Is he checking to make sure he’s allowed to storm out of the press conference?

When Petrino actually did answer questions, it went something like this.

Kentucky’s win over Louisville made this week’s relations between Petrino and the media absolutely hilarious.

First, Petrino blocked “Kentucky media” from being able to speak to his players, which led to some genius stuff, like KSR coming up with made-up quotes from Louisville’s practice “because we can’t go.”

Then, Louisville players refused to say “Kentucky” while talking to the media. Then, Kentucky shocked the country and upset Louisville. Finally, Petrino goes on this weird tantrum and storms out.

What a rough couple weeks it’s been for him. Couldn’t happen to a better guy, right?