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Tom Jurich ‘Kentucky win’ comments come back to bite Cardinals

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Between the cockiness of Tom Jurich or even the UofL pep band, Saturday was very satisfying for UK players and fans.

Andrew Bishop - Cameron Mills Radio

When you’re a 26-point underdog like Kentucky was coming into Saturday, motivation won’t be hard to come by.

But it never hurts to use any bulletin-board material for added motivation, whether it comes from players, media, coaches, or even athletic directors.

That’s what UofL’s Tom Jurich did over the summer when he updated his plans for Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium expansion. Fresh off the Cards’ fifth-straight win over Kentucky in the previous season, Jurich got a little too cocky about this year’s matchup.

“It is our goal, and it’s a very ambitious goal, we’d like to start (construction) on Saturday night after that Kentucky win and really get this project moving fast.”

As if Saturday’s win in PCJS needed any more sweetness.

Oh, and let us not forget the Louisville pep band before the game...

Josh, care to comment?


Has there ever been a more satisfying win over UK’s in-state rival?