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2nd Half Game Thread: Kentucky at Louisville

That half had everything you could possibly want in a rivalry game. Can the Cats continue make their will known in the 2nd Half?

Stephen Johnson has played his heart out today.
Stephen Johnson has played his heart out today.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Players scuffling, coaches yelling, players doing amazing things, players doing boneheaded things, this game has had it all. Despite the odds being stacked very firmly against them, the Cats have managed to stay in this game trailing by a very manageable three points at the end of the half.

So how can Kentucky pull off this win and shock the world?

  • Dear WR Corp: For the love of tiny green apples, learn to catch the ball. These dropsies have cost us more than one win already this season. What say you step up and help Stephen Johnson out?
  • Stop with the self-inflicted wounds already. The next guy called for holding is walking home.
  • Pressure Lamar Jackson into making dumb decisions. Three sacks are good, but eight would be better.
  • Of course they're talking trash, think who leads them! You want to make them cry? Do it on the scoreboard!

We knew this game would require total commitment and focus for 60 minutes. Can Kentucky pull this off? Only the next 30 minutes will tell.

Come on Cats, let's do this!