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Current and former Wildcats serving others for Thanksgiving

The Cats were all about giving back this Thanksgiving.

John Calipari is certainly a charitable man, and he showed that this Thanksgiving by rounding up his team and taking them to help serve Thanksgiving dinner with the Lexington Salvation Army.

Coach Cal and company served food, met with guests, signed autographs and took lots of pictures (as expected).

“It’s only right to help people (that are) less fortunate,” said Kentucky guard Isaiah Briscoe.

Cal and the current Cats weren’t the only members of the Kentucky family helping out this Thanksgiving; former Kentucky standouts DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis also did their own fair share of contributing.

DeMarcus Cousins helped out by donating over 300 turkeys to those in need.

Cousins said he saw some tough things families had to go through, and he can relate to their struggles.

When speaking about one family in particular, he said "The grandmother was sleeping on an air-mattress. (It was) the same situation for me. Coming up in high school, I slept on an air-mattress. So, it's tough. I understand the struggle, I understand the grind that these families are going through."

Anthony Davis helped by serving Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate at the New Orleans Mission.

“It means so much to me and my family to do stuff like this, and it’s huge for us,” Davis said. “We like for it to get bigger and bigger every year. Everyone has their struggles, so you can only imagine what these people are going through. So to just take a minute out of your life, and to come here and enjoy this moment with these families and these people and just put a smile on their face, it means a lot to them, and it means a lot to me as well.”

These athletes helping out their communities shows not only that they’ve had great values their whole lives, but that being at Kentucky helped to make them better people.