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Wildcat Quickies: Thanksgiving Day Edition

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

NCAA Basketball: Cleveland State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Happy thanksgiving, BBN! Sit back, relax, enjoy some football and eat a lot of food. Be sure to give thanks for the better things in life, like the No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team.

Tweet of the day

Coach Cal is always one to help, and he asks that we do the same.

Your quickies

Cleveland St. coach said UK could be better at perimeter shooting - Herald-Leader
On the one hand I get where he’s coming from; on the other hand I want to remember that Cleveland State shot 22.2% from deep. Either way, he’s right. The perimeter shooting is their biggest flaw.

Cats being compared to the Fab Five - SEC Country
This praise also came from Cleveland St. Head Coach Gary Waters. It certainly is rare to see a group of freshmen as talented as this one.

Louisville vs. Kentucky betting odds - Bleacher Report
What to look for and whether or not Kentucky can beat the spread.

Three quality matchups for Thanksgiving Day - USA Today
It’s pretty rare that all the teams playing on Thanksgiving Day are as good as this year’s teams. The NFL needs this badly for their ratings.

Cavs show out against Portland - The Oregonian
Kevin love scored 34 points...IN THE FIRST QUARTER. He finished with 40, and LeBron James put up a triple-double to lead the Cavs to victory.

Mariners, Dbacks work out five-player trade - ESPN
In some offseason baseball news, the Mariners and Diamondbacks worked out a trade that involves Jean Segura and Taijuan Walker.

Retailers are finally realizing it’s terrible to open on Thanksgiving - Business Insider

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone! Feel free to share your favorite Thanksgiving meal, your favorite part of Thanksgiving, or other Thanksgiving-related topics in the comments!