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Cleveland State @ Kentucky GameThread

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Let's talk about the 'Cats FEASTing on the Vikings. Get it? Or how about, "let's witness the 'Cats turn the Vikings into TURKEYS and/or STUFFING?" No? Okay.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Your Kentucky Wildcats host the Cleveland State Vikings in Rupp this afternoon at 1 p.m. on the SEC Network.

A few things to know about Cleveland State...

*It's in greazy ol' Cleveland, Ahia.  If you didn't know.

*The Vikings are a middle-of-the-pack-to-cellar-dweller Horizon League (other member schools include NKU, Valpo, Oakland, and Wright State [who are still idiots for firing Billy Donlon; keep crushing it in Ann Arbor, Billy Boy!]) squad.

*2 time NBA Champion, and former Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans PG Norris Cole is an alum.

Cole was sporting the high top fade long before Nerlens Noel had the UK emblem shaved into his HTF as he committed to Kentucky a few years ago.

*They've won one NCAAT game in the past ~30 years (a 13-4 upset over Wake Forest in 2009).

Preview City

*Jeremy (ASoB)

*Alex Forkner (247Sports)

Check this one out; did you know that Pittsburgh Steeler Hall of Famer Mel Blount's son plays for Cleveland State?

*Kyle Tucker (SEC Country)

*Sam Amico (Amico Hoops)

*Fletcher Page (C-J)


*Derek Willis and De'Aaron Fox (

Enjoy the game, go 'Cats, and Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm especially going to enjoy this one, the football clash with U of L, and the UT-Martin tilt on Friday because my parents are in town from Florida, so I get to catch a few games with my Dad.

Hopefully everyone else is able to do something similar over the holiday.