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It was a great week to be a Kentucky fan

The Kentucky Wildcats had an amazing week last week in basketball and football.

The Kentucky Wildcats are finally back to being ranked number one in the country!

The Cats are off to an impressive 4-0 start to the 2016-2017 NCAA basketball season. After beating a good Michigan State team, some college basketball analysts are saying the Cats should not be holding the number one spot in the country... well, one analyst to be exact... but I'm not going to throw any names out there...

The Cats have managed to pull In four very good recruits in the past two weeks as well: No. 7 Center in the country, Nick Richards, No. 1 power forward, PJ Washington, No. 12 point guard, Shai Alexander and the No. 4 point guard in the country, Quade Green. Kentucky has now been bumped up to the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation, with several recruits still available that the Cal will be trying to land.

One other note for the week in Kentucky Basketball: Malik Monk was named SEC freshman player of the week.

The Kentucky football team also had a great week. The Cats finally became bowl eligible for the first time in six years by destroying the Governors of Austin Peay by a score of 49-13. The Cats may have started out slow, but man oh man did they finish strong.

The Cats surpassed a mark that's never been done for the Kentucky football program before: UK had two players that have rushed for over 1,000 yards on the season. Stanley "Boom" Williams rushed for only 47 yards but had over 1,000 yards coming into Saturday's game, bringing his season total to 1,072 yards on the ground. Benny Snell Jr. managed to run for 152 yards Saturday, bringing his season total to1,006 total rushing yards on the year.

All and all this was a great week to be a Kentucky Wildcat fan, now the Cats are going to try and upset the Cards and keep that No. 1 spot in the college hoops rankings.