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2nd Half Gamethread: Kentucky vs. Austin Peay

The first half is over. Let us never speak of that first half again...

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I really didn’t think it was possible for us to play worse than we did in the first 20 minutes against Florida. I was wrong.

Austin Peay came out looking prepared and confident. Kentucky looked less than engaged, and then panicky. Happily our talent still gives us the edge so if we can capitalize on what we do well, and STOP SHOOTING OURSELVES IN THE FOOT WITH A BAZOOKA, we have a good chance of ending up with a final score we can be proud of. After that horrid start, leading 21-13 going into the second half is a miracle.

We need our seniors to fire up the sidelines, and our underclass men to show us what they’re made of. We saw it late in the 2nd quarter with those two touchdowns. Show us some more, men!

Let’s do this, Cats!