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Mark Stoops’ Cats starting assault on UK record book

We are starting to see some of the players that Mark Stoops recruited working their way into the all-time Kentucky Wildcats record book.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

As we finish up Mark Stoops’ fourth season, we are starting to see the impact of some of his players on the all-time record books. The Wildcats' relentless ground attack is a big reason for this as Boom Williams and Benny Snell may be the greatest ground attack that UK has ever had. A few of Stoops's receivers are also starting to make an impact as well and we could see their mark on the record books as well.

Let's take a look at the effects of the ground attack and the other offensive players.


As of right now, Boom Williams is set to have the top two yards per carry season averages in the history of Kentucky football. Williams is averaging 7.4 yards a carry which tops his 7.1 yards a carry average last year. Assuming that Williams leaves after this season, he will leave as the all-time yards per carry leader in UK history. He currently averaged 7.08 yards per carry for his carry, which smashes the 5.76 average of Randall Cobb.

As the season stands, Williams has the 8th best rushing yardage season with 1,025. Using a very conservative of 200 yards gained over the next two games and a bowl game, Williams will have the #4 season eclipsing Sonny Williams 1,213 yards in 1973. Williams is currently 253 yards behind #3 Mark Higgs's 1278 in 1987.

For his career, Williams is #7 with 2,366 yards. Williams is 252 yards behind #6 Derrick Locke's 2618 and 292 behind #5 George Adam's 2648. If Williams stays for his senior year, he could threaten Sonny Collin's career mark of 3,835. Also, Williams has 16 rushing TDs, and with two more, he would tie Dicky Lyons Sr's 18 rushing TDs. If Williams stays, he could threaten Collins' and Moe Williams’ mark of 26.


With just 10 games under his belt, Benny Snell, Jr is already making inroads into the record book. With a very conservative 117 yards this season, Snell would have the tenth best season all time as Moe Williams' 1994 season (928 yards) and Sonny Collins 1974 (970 yards) would fall out of the top ten thanks to the season by Boom and Benny.

If you are looking ahead, Snell is currently 160 yards from eclipsing #9 Rafael Little's 2007 season (1,013) and 192 yards from Little's #8 season in 2005 (1,045). George Adams' 1,085 yards in 1984 is currently 231 yards ahead of Snell with the #7 season. That appears to be out of reach for Benny, but who really knows of kind of yardage he and Williams can get against Austin Peay.

The real impact that Snell is making is in the rushing touchdowns category. Snell already shares the most rushing TDs in a game (4) with Rodger Bird (1965), Collins (1973), Moe Williams (1995) and Artose Pinner (2002).

Snell's 10 rushing TDs this year have him tied with five other players for the most rushing TDs in a season. If he can get three more TDs this year, he will tie four other players for second place all time. As for yardage, Snell is just 910 yards from the #10 all-time rushing yardage. Derrick Ramsey's 1,764 should fall next year. Snell is tied with four other players for the #10 best game ever with his 192 yards against Missouri.


Even Jojo Kemp should be able to leave his mark on the record books. He is just one TD from tying the #10 spot all time and Dicky Lyons Sr and two away from #9 and tying Ivy Joe Hunter. Kemp could end up bumping Marc Logan from the #9 all time yardage spot with 169 yards and 164 yards from Derrick Ramsey and the #10 spot. It's hard to see Kemp breaking that list with both Boom and Benny ahead of him, but breaking a long run against Austin Peay could have him knocking on the door in the bowl game.


On the receiving side of the offense, Garrett Johnson is poised to make some impact on the record book next season. Johnson has 96 receptions for his career and based on his averages, we can expect him to probably get at least 40 more. Finishing with 136 receptions would put him at #7 all-time ahead of #8 La'rod King (134), #9 Jacob Tamme (133) and #10 Rafael Little (131). Derek Homer's 129 receptions would fall from the top ten. Johnson would be in striking distance of #5 Randall Cobb (144) and #6 Dicky Lyons Jr (141).

With 105 yards this season, Johnson would tie Tom Hutchinson with 1,428 yards at #10. It's pretty conservative to say that Johnson will have another 750 yards in his career and that would place him at 2,073 yards and a solid lock on the #4 all-time yardage chart. If this happened, he would have passed #5 Lyons Jr (1,752), #6 Quentin McCord (1,743), #7 King (1,706), #8 Cobb (1,661), #9 Anthony White (1,520) and #10 Felix Wilson (1,483).


It is a little more problematic to predict what Jeff Badet may do the rest of his career (his injury status was unclear as of writing) but he currently has the best yards per reception average in a season with 23.7 this year. That edges out Larry Seiple's 23.5 in 1965. Regardless of what happens this year, Badet would not drop best #2 for the season as Javess Blue is at #3 with 18.1 in 2014. Seiple has the best average for a career with 19.7 a reception but Badet is currently #2 all time with 17.0 yards per grab. Felix Wilson and Stevie Johnson are tied at #3 with 16.7.

Badet will also have some work to crack the top ten in receptions and yardage. Assuming that Johnson precedes him there, Badet will need 57 receptions to get to Rafael Little's tenth spot. Yardage is more likely for Badet as he is just 223 yards from Wilson and he could end his career at #5 all time, behind Johnson and ahead of Lyons.


The only other offensive player that has impacted the records has been Austin MacGinnis. MacGinnis is currently #3 all-time in FG's made at Kentucky with 47. He needs 11 to pass Joey Worley for the top spot and 3 to pass Lones Sieber for #2. Austin already owns the record for the most FG in a season (21) in 2014.

MacGinnis has hit 78.3% of his kicks for his career, which is currently #3. He trails Joe Mansour's 85.7% and Marc Samuel's 82.4%. It should also be noted that MacGinnis should go down as the top scorer in the history of the University of Kentucky. He currently has 235 points, which is good for #3. He needs just 71 points to pass Seiber and 12 to pass Worley.