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Quade Green recruiting update and final predictions

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Syracuse and Kentucky have been battling down to the wire for Quade Green. Who comes out on top?

USA Basketball

The recruitment of Quade Green is effectively over.

The five-star point guard out of Philly is believed to have made his decision prior to Wednesday’s deadline to sign a national letter of intent, though it remains to be seen if he actually signed an NLI and sent it in.

Regardless, Green will be announcing his decision from his school on Saturday, which should come around 10 p.m. EST. His top five includes Duke, Temple and Villanova, but it’s effectively down to the Kentucky Wildcats and Syracuse Orange.

The Cuse appeared to have locked this one up after Green visited them last weekend, but UK is making a late push that has some thinking John Calipari may have pulled this one off.

It certainly helps that Green took in UK’s win over Michigan State on Tuesday, not to mention UK signee P.J. Washington has been recruiting Green to Lexington.

Speaking of, Washington sent out this tweet Wednesday night, right around the time Green ‘might’ have sent in his NLI to whichever school he is going.

That settles it. Green is a done deal to UK...if it were only that simple.

Heck, even with UK seemingly having the momentum here, the 247 Crystal Ball is still 95-percent Orange as of Thursday morning.

Until we hear a final word on Green, we gathered our staff for one final roundtable on Green, what he brings to the table, and where we think he ends up. Despite the supposed momentum for UK, we’re not quite sold on the Cats beating the Cuse here just yet.

Zac Oakes

Quade Green would be a nice addition for the 2017 class, but I think most of the experts are right on this one. Green will commit to Syracuse. He took an official visit at the end of October and is just coming off an unofficial visit last weekend. I read that last weekend's visit was his fourth since late August, which has to be a good sign for the Orange.

The interesting thing with his recruitment, which we have mentioned on this site before, is that he will be committing after the early signing period wraps up. The signing period finished on Wednesday, but Green is not announcing until Saturday. That means he will simply announce a school but will have no obligations until the spring signing period.

Maybe he is waiting for Trae Young to decide, maybe he just wants to keep his options open, who knows. However, I think his decision on Saturday will be Syracuse, but it wouldn't surprise me if he flips down the road before the spring signing period.

Prediction: Syracuse

Justin Hodges

I'll be completely shocked if Quade Green does not wind up at Syracuse. The Orange will desperately need a point guard after Andrew White's senior season, and Green seems all but obliged to come run the show for Jim Boeheim's last years.

I feel like the Shai Alexander commitment, as well as Kentucky's pursuit of Trae Young, will ultimately drive Green to go elsewhere. Villanova is in the mix as well, but Quade Green should end up at Cuse.

Timothy Coleman

I will say, up until Wednesday morning, I thought Quade Green would announce for Syracuse, not sign his Letter Of Intent, wait until Trae Young decides UK or Oklahoma. I felt he would flip to Kentucky if Young decided for Oklahoma.

Now, I feel he's coming to Kentucky because he saw live and up close at the Champions Classic that he could play with another point guard i.e. Young. I think he has signed his Letter of Intent already and he'll be coming to Kentucky.

I have heard through a source PJ Washington thinks he's coming. I feel now he is correct. I say Welcome to Big Blue Nation Quade Green.

Ryan Clark

This may be the most difficult one. I love this kid. He’s smaller, but his game is fearless. He’s just the kind of guy I’d love to run my team. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think he wants to start, and at UK, he knows we want Trae Young. That makes him want to roll to another place, even though I think he loves UK. But … maybe he wants to take his spot in blue now, right?

Maybe he wants to claim his spot and force Young to go to Oklahoma? Could be .. but then Trae Young tweets out the title of Calipari’s book this week, which seems to me like he’s telling us all something, and I get all confused again.

Best guess: Quade Green is going to the ‘Cuse. But man, I would’ve liked to have had him. Here’s hoping this pays off and UK gets Young in the spring.

Jason Marcum

Whoever gets Green is getting arguably the most complete point guard of the 2017 class. He doesn’t do anything that great, but he’s solid in just about every area, which is exactly what you want in a point guard who could be starting as a freshman.

And we can’t forget about the connection Green has with Mohamed Bamba, who may be the best 2017 has to offer (if DeAndre Ayton doesn’t play in college). The PSA Cardinal teammates are already used to playing with each other, and while they’re not doing any kind of package deal for college, they would enjoy playing together again.

With Green able to sign with a school and not have it be announced until after he commits Saturday, it looks like he may be fully off the board by then. My original guess was that he committed Saturday but didn’t sign until the spring, leaving open the option to come to UK if Trae Young opts for Oklahoma.

That said, this has really become a toss-up in my mind with how Green visited Tuesday night then just up and decided he knew where he was going the next morning...

Still, Syracuse has felt this was a done deal since he visited last week. I’ve not gotten quite that level of confidence from UK’s side, though they are confident...

Alas, history shows that elite point guards very rarely join the same class as another elite point guard. I’ll pick the Cuse for now and be happily wrong if it ends otherwise.